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  • Noemi commented on the post, Little town 8 months ago

    I like your poem because it talks about why you like your town.

  • Noemi commented on the post, Telluride 8 months ago

    I like your poem because it explains how you enjoy going hiking and it talks about nature.

  • Noemi commented on the post, dear philippine eagle, 8 months ago

    I like your poem because it talks about how eagles and other kind of birds can go extinct by some people that are causing it.

  • Noemi commented on the post, Dear Baby Polar Bear 8 months ago

    I like your poem because it talks about a baby polar bear. I think that baby bears are so adorable.

  • If you really know me, you would know that I’m afraid of  Spiders because they look scary If you really know me, you would know that I’m proud of My dad because he’s a very grateful man   If you really know me,

  • Noemi wrote a new post, I Am From 8 months ago

    I am from poetry books  From the sweet smell of pumpkin pie, lifting throughout the house. I am from pink rose Soft and lovely  I’m from celebrating Christmas and New years with my family From my sister Yar

  • Noemi wrote a new post, Just Peace 8 months ago

    You can find peace anywhere at any time.  Just close your eyes and think of a place  You want to go to. Then open your eyes And feel that feeling that you have  inside of You, listen to your heart.    You are s

    • Ella replied 7 months ago

      Hi Noemi,
      I loved your poem! Personally, poetry has never been something that I have loved, but yours was really good! It was very relatable as well. I agree with you and think that peace is something that is found when imagining something that makes you happy and calm. It is something that gets rid of your stress and makes you feel completely harmonious. My favorite lines are your last two when you say “Peace doesn’t have to make sense,
      It just has to make you happy.” I totally get that and can see how this is true. One person’s idea of peace can be completely different than another person’s. That doesn’t matter though because as long as the person is happy and calm, it is ok. I truly loved your poem and can’t wait to see what you write next!

  • I believe that a negative mind will never give you a positive life. If you keep thinking negative stuff then you will not achieve your goals or try to do what is right for you. I came up with this belief because

    • Hi Noemi! I agree with the negative mind thinking and I feel that If you think positive then positive things will happen. Confidence is a big key with positivity as well as negativity. If you have confidence then you will most likely succeed. Also, surround you with people that are wishing the best for you.

    • Noemi, This is a very interesting point that I haven’t looked into as deeply as you have. It is a great mentality to keep in the back of your mind? How do you suggest we maintain a positive state of being when things get tough? Does mindfulness or the community around you play a role? Interesting concept, I’d love to further explore its vitality in people, especially in teenagers.

    • I completely agree with your point. In my experiences, I have found that having a positive mind set helps in many ways. When approaching everything I do I try to have a positive mindset because it helps you achieve more and do better. I think it is very important that you pointed this out because it is a lot easier to have a negative mindset, but if people put in the extra effort to approach things with a positive mind set, they will see an improvement in their lives.

    • Hi Noemi, I love your essay on positivity! When you said ” I mean It was hard to stop talking to them but I knew that those who I use to call friends were not really my friends”, I agree that even though if it isn’t the easiest thing to do, that the best thing to do is cut the negative people out of your life. The one thing you could improve on is to make sure that you check you grammar, and also make sure that your tenses are consistent. Keep up the good writing and I hope to read more from you.

    • Noemi, I really like this positive outlook you have on life. It can be hard to think positive when there’s bad things around you, but as you said, you have to persevere and keep going even when it gets hard. I’m sorry that you had to let go of your friends. That’s really hard to do but if it’s needed to give you peace of mind then you did the right thing. Hope to see more writing from you soon.

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