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    Noah commented on the post, Do We Have the Right to Die?

    You provide a good analysis and valid opinion on assisted suicide, but I think there are more factors of it that need to be addressed. The first is medical expenses. Even when an illness is terminal, there are some people who can live comfortably for part of the remainder of their lives, and I feel that expenses to their family would…Read More

  • Jacqueline,
    The study in the article you linked is pretty troubling and interesting. With a sample size of over 500,000 people in Sweden, the fact that bottom-fifth-income adolescent were seven times as likely to commit crimes is a really powerful, well backed-up number. Even if when adjusting for other factors such as genetics, this ratio…Read More

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    Noah commented on the post, What has the Future Become?

    “Brave New World” is definitely an eerie and unnerving read today, especially with how it “predicted” some of our technology and habits of using it. While I don’t think the world is headed toward a situation that severe anytime soon, our use of technology will likely have to change or else it will create some nasty negative effects.…Read More

  • Alexandria,
    You make some good points, and I think that technology use truly is made helpful or harmful by the manner in which people use it. The issue we have with technology is a lack of awareness of our own lack of self-discipline; people don’t know when they’re starting to negatively impact their lives or choose to willfully ignore it. As…Read More

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    Noah commented on the post, Intended Obsolescence

    While planned obsolescence is something I knew about before, I never even thought about its environmental impacts until now. One thing that comes to mind for me is just shortages of raw materials; metals like tellurium and neodymium aren’t too expensive now, but are being used exponentially more and more and could become ridiculously e…Read More

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