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    When I’m reading, fiction or nonfiction alike, I all too often find myself internally “living out” a part of the plot. I mentally “take control” of a main character and unintentionally continue their story in

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      One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is ” Even if i truly do know someone well, my mind will often wander and wonder…” I think this is intricate because it is very hard to be able to see other’s perceptions about certain situations. Perception is about learning who someone is through their perception and being able to use it as your own perception.

    • Dear Noah,

      I really love this article! U are a very strong writer and one thing I like about this article is that u put very much detail in it. Hope u write soon.

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    • Dear Noah,
      I agree with what you have to say on the topic about stereotypes and perception of people. A statement that really stood out to me was, ” I find myself comparing what I’ve now learned about their thoughts and feelings with what I previously had guessed or assumed they were thinking or feeling. Again, all too often I find I’ve made a now-contradicted assumption about someone without intending to. Personal communication and reading alike bridge the gaps among actions, thoughts, and feelings; for me, that’s what makes them rewarding and fascinating.” ; this made me think about my own memories of how I have done this before and then realized what was actually happening.

    • Dear Noah,
      I am satisfied with your view on perception in your post because most people see someone and guess who they are.Even before meeting them people have a certain view on someone.Either how they look or if they have a rumor about them.One thing that stands out for me is, “However, I will never fully understand any one person as long as I continue to constantly, unconsciously make perceptions of them based off only tangible information.” I think this is intelligent because you understand that you can not judge any one till you actually know who they are.


    • Dear Noah,

      I am interested in post because i feel like this is something a lot of people do. most people picture themselves as the main character but not as much of changing the story. One thing you said that stands out for me is “…I register that my thoughts have started to come unglued from what’s actually printed on the page sitting in front of me. ” because this is something I find myself doing well reading. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. some times i catch myself wondering what people are thinking and if they think about things like the universe. Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I liked hearing about something i believe a lot of people do but never talk about.

      Kaylea Sullivan

    • Hello Noah,
      I found this post to be extremely intriguing. The insight that you provide on how you interpret reading is fascinating, you have a good sense of perception on reading as well as connecting the foundation of reading into your personal life. You said that “personal communication and reading alike bridge the gaps among actions, thoughts, and feelings” which I found to be a very accurate interpretation of the affect that literature can have on a person’s life. I found an article that provides good insight as to how a person’s perceptions can influence the behavior/understanding of other people as well as ourselves. http://www.presspublications.com/opinionscolumns/146-dare-to-live-without-limits/7930-perception-can-influence-you-in-many-ways

      Thank you for creating this post. I can’t wait to see what you write next, because the attention to detail you have in your writing is very astounding. I like how you emphasized your love for reading and how you came to understand more about the world, the perception of others, as well as the perception of yourself throughout reading literature. I hope you pursue your literary interests, as well as your impressive writing.

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