• To me the word American doesn’t mean just one thing, it means someone from the US, Mexico Canada, central America, and south America. Some people will call undocumented immigrants not american but this is

    • Noah, what an interesting definition of America. People so often forget that the word America can be used to describe anyone on the two American continents. You made it clear that you believe in the diversity of not just one country but of everyone in North and South America. Even though we seemed divided at times, we all fall under the same roof of being American. You also do a good job of describing the polar opposites of America.

    • Dear Noah
      I agree with your comment that America is not just the United States it is also other countries like Mexico and Brazil. I think we should all work as a continent and not be isolated. We should do what the European Union does and make a America Union with both North and South America. This would be good because everyone who participate can benefit. Also i agree if you are born here you are American. No matter if you speak a different language or associate with people from a different ethnicity than American you still are American if you are born here. I advise you to check out my website i talk a lot about Immigration. https://wordpress.com/stats/day/22chichad95.wordpress.com

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