•       A Letter From The Future

    Dear Future President, This is a letter from the future, and by the future I don’t mean the analytical tense where the present is still in tact. This is a letter from the next gen

    • You make some great points and I can vouch for some of the issues you brought up. Schools do need better funding because many public schools are unable to fulfill the needs of many students from below average to advanced students. Many schools are unable to help students that are falling behind whether it be due to funding or bad teachers. Students need teachers to be there for them for encouragement while learning which would boost students moral. Teachers also have to be aware that they are creating the future of America and if the slack off they are only running the future of this country into the ground. Teachers are crucial when it comes to the way society works and human generations replace each other, the next hopefully being better than the last. The role funding plays is also large because without funding schools are forced to constantly be raising money just to keep their doors open and provide their students with the bare minimum. With larger funding schools are able to open programs that develop talents that their students have and programs that allow students to learn more about their potential career choice. Schools have a major impact on the youth of America and with changes to, primarily, funding schools will be able to prepare their students for modern-day challenges that they may face.

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