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NCAA defined “Amateurism” Gale research center

The NCAA has very specific guidelines on what it means to be an amateur athlete.  First, an athlete can’t be paid for any involvement in any sports.  This means that they can’t take any prize money, even in simple tournaments having nothing to do with the NCAA.  An athlete isn’t allowed to sign with any agent or take any gifts […]

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Should College athletes be paid pioneer sources

In 2015, two of footballs biggest names came out in support of paying college athletes.  They were Al Michaels and Bryant Gumbel, two NFL sports casters.  They claimed that how college athletes are treated these days is shameful, abusive, and embarrassing.  While they have a point, their argument is based on only one aspect of the situation.  They are talking […]

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Should college athletes be paid?

Recently in the world of sports, a question has arisen that ten years ago would’ve seemed utterly disgraceful to even mention.  The question of whether college athletes should be paid is a fair one however.  People make money off of them, so shouldn’t the get a little of that money?  As an avid sports fan, this topic is of great […]

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Ending Wars With Advertising

As I was watching TV late the other night, a cool story came on that I would like to share. For over fifty years, Columbia was extremely torn and isolated, with its never ending amount of problems including gangs, drugs, and crime.  There was an ongoing war and slowly, the Columbian government began to regain control.  As they looked for […]

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Should people on the “no-fly list” be banned from purchasing guns and ammunition?

The no fly list is a list of suspected terrorists in the U.S.  On December 7th 2015, there was a shooting in San Bernadino, California, by a suspected terrorist.  President Obama asked for it to be illegal for these people on the list to buy firearms.  The bill got voted down by Republicans in the Senate.   Hillary Clinton added […]

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Population decline in countries

There are several reasons why multiple countries decrease in population every year, even as the world population increases.  Increased education, especially in regards to women, have led to decreased birth rates.  Another reason for population decline can be tied to lack of opportunity in several areas which leads directly to immigration to more profitable or free countries.  Immigration rates also […]

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