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  • I agree with you. I think this decision by the president-elect has put the current environmental state in more harms way, even more than it was already. I seriously hope he is willing to look past business and think about the bigger picture, even though i sort of have my doubts. I really enjoyed this post, keep it up.

  • Hi Luke. As a basketball player, I can relate to this. I find that hardly anyone shoots a mid range jumper the days unless it is wide open. Because the three is becoming a higher percentage shot, more and more players are taking far more threes than any other shot. I believe that in roughly twenty years, the three point line will be extended…Read More

  • Hi Tony, This is really well written and made me think quite a bit. It was interesting to see a generalization of the american dream formed into writing. I found it very easy to understand as well as relate too. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing any more possible submissions by you.

  • I really enjoy this poem. It’s short and simple nut it communicates a strong message about your person and character. I can tell you are thoughtful and have thought about this subject a lot. I enjoyed the line about the homeless person for president, that really tied the whole thing together. Keep up the good writing.

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    Nathan commented on the post, Trump Protest

    This is a really cool poem. Even though it is short and simple, I feel like you really got a strong message across. You didn’t waste any lines, each one made it very clear and vivid how much this meant to you. I like the line about consequences not crossing your mind, that really tied the poem together well. Really good job, keep writing.

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