• The NCAA has very specific guidelines on what it means to be an amateur athlete.  First, an athlete can’t be paid for any involvement in any sports.  This means that they can’t take any prize money, even in s

  • In 2015, two of footballs biggest names came out in support of paying college athletes.  They were Al Michaels and Bryant Gumbel, two NFL sports casters.  They claimed that how college athletes are treated these d

  • Adrian, I am very interested to see what you find out about this topic. I have questions about where some customs came about. I think it’s good that you are keeping an open and neutral mind throughout this process.

  • Recently in the world of sports, a question has arisen that ten years ago would’ve seemed utterly disgraceful to even mention.  The question of whether college athletes should be paid is a fair one however.  P

    • Cy replied 3 years ago

      Interesting topic Nate. My question to you is, how far in the future is college athletes getting paid?If it is at all?

  • As I was watching TV late the other night, a cool story came on that I would like to share.

    For over fifty years, Columbia was extremely torn and isolated, with its never ending amount of problems including

    • I’m interested to see your research on this topic. I never knew anything about this type of “warfare” and wonder how it was achieved and how this affects the citizens of Columbia.

    • Well done! This is an interesting topic, because not many people know about the warfare going on Columbia, myself included. This article and experience is something that proves that the world is not all bad and good things can come out of bad. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hi Nathan,

      This is story is truly amazing and gives me hope for this world. I appreciate you posting about this. You also did a great job with summarizing the material. It was easy to understand and to the point. Great job! You have caught my attention and made me want to learn more.
      Well done!

  • I agree with you. I think this decision by the president-elect has put the current environmental state in more harms way, even more than it was already. I seriously hope he is willing to look past business and think about the bigger picture, even though i sort of have my doubts. I really enjoyed this post, keep it up.

  • Hi Luke. As a basketball player, I can relate to this. I find that hardly anyone shoots a mid range jumper the days unless it is wide open. Because the three is becoming a higher percentage shot, more and more players are taking far more threes than any other shot. I believe that in roughly twenty years, the three point line will be extended…[Read more]

  • Hi Tony, This is really well written and made me think quite a bit. It was interesting to see a generalization of the american dream formed into writing. I found it very easy to understand as well as relate too. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing any more possible submissions by you.

  • I really enjoy this poem. It’s short and simple nut it communicates a strong message about your person and character. I can tell you are thoughtful and have thought about this subject a lot. I enjoyed the line about the homeless person for president, that really tied the whole thing together. Keep up the good writing.

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    This is a really cool poem. Even though it is short and simple, I feel like you really got a strong message across. You didn’t waste any lines, each one made it very clear and vivid how much this meant to you. I like the line about consequences not crossing your mind, that really tied the poem together well. Really good job, keep writing.

  • I agree that people should have the right to own guns, however certain people must be restricted from them. This includes people on the no fly list as well as people with criminal history and mental history. There must be very close checks on everyone who is going to buy a gun. As far as the statement about Chicago goes, Chicago was the most…[Read more]

  • This is a really nicely written and well thought out post. I can tell you are very passionate about this issue, and it was conveyed well in this letter. I agree with you in that where you come from should not determine how people treat you, and what opportunities you have. Race should not be factor in determining the quality of ones character,…[Read more]

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    I don’t like uniforms but it helps not having to put thought into getting dressed in the morning.

  • Nathan commented on the post, The Chamber 3 years, 4 months ago

    This is really well written. I felt a connection between you and your writing, and the descriptive detail was great. By far one of the best things I have read on here.

  • This is a really well written and interesting poem. Keep it up.

  • This is a really interesting poem to me. I am from a different part of the country where issues like these aren’t as big of a concern, so it is really intriguing and eye opening to hear about problems in other parts of the U.S. I also like E-40.

  • The no fly list is a list of suspected terrorists in the U.S.  On December 7th 2015, there was a shooting in San Bernadino, California, by a suspected terrorist.  President Obama asked for it to be illegal for t

  • There are several reasons why multiple countries decrease in population every year, even as the world population increases.  Increased education, especially in regards to women, have led to decreased birth

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