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Sleep and the brain

Research shows that the sleep students sacrifice for studying may be hurting them more than they realize. Quality sleep is necessary for proper brain function, memory, cognative ability, judgement, appetite, and can even help with the retention of concepts that we don’t think we’ve grasped. So despite what the majority of high schoolers believe, those late nights before tests spent […]

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Sleep deprivation is becoming an epidemic among high school students

The phenomenon of sleep deprivation among high school students is a continuous cycle. After a long day at school, it’s likely for any teenager to participate in an extracurricular activity, work, or other responsbility before spending hours completing an overhwleming, anxiety-inducing, and often unreasonable pile of homework. These late hours are paired with early mornings, leaving a small window for […]

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“A Plan to Make Homelessness History”

The severity of homelessness in the United States is more intense than many people probably realize. 700,000 people every day in the US experience the dangers and burdens of not having a home, often on top of suffering from addiction, disabilities, or injury. The specific problem being addressed in this article is the issue of chronic homelessness in the United […]

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Covid-19 cases rising among US children as schools reopen

Going back to school…is it worth the risk? Following a summer characterized by uncertainty and fear concerning the reopening of schools across the country, many schools have made the decision to resume part-time or full-time in person learning. Whether or not this was the right decision is heavily dependent upon the location and enforcement of sanitary precautions of each school, […]

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Responding to Covid

Should we be going to school? It’s important to consider the pros and cons of online learning when addressing this issue . We need to consider more than just the risk of getting the virus. social, mental, and behavioral health are likely to be affected with continued online learning Students may not be getting the same quality of education from […]

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