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    For my research essay on different types of energy sources, I had to find a variety of sources to better my understanding. I immediately made a few rules for myself to make sure I chose good

  • The U.S is the largest energy consumer in the world and the vast majority of this power comes from fossil fuels. At the rate we’re consuming, this nonrenewable source will quickly be used up. For a research paper,

    • Nevin replied 4 weeks ago

      Dear Nishan, I think the fossil fuels will be used up and I doubt we will find another way to use energy fast enough without losing power to most of the things that use fossil fuel around the world.

  • Elizabeth, I completely agree that homework has more negatives than positives. I’ve done countless homework assignments that I just didn’t see much purpose in. It just takes up time that I could use to study for tests or quizes. You had a lot of good evidence in this piece, but I think one note you could of used was how countries like finland that…[Read more]

  • The NCAA should pay their players

    NCAA players have to practice tirelessly to try and become the best at what they do. In addition to practicing for ridiculous amounts of time, they’re expected to pass their c

    • Nishan, great post and well formatted writing. I can tell that you thought a lot about the subject and your opinion carries a lot of valid points. I think a major thing to consider is the rest of the NCAA. I understand that your argument is only for college basketball players, but I feel that it also must be mentioned that if basketball players were to start getting paid by the NCAA or their teams, it would make things very complicated with all the other college sports and whether or not those athletes get paid as well. It is very unfortunate how often players end up broke after they get out of college due to a lack of education. It seems like it is in large part due to the irresponsibility of the players themselves and it is a mindset and an overall culture that needs to be changed.

    • Hey Nishan, I respectfully disagree with your opinion. While it is true that college athletes of major sports (i.e. basketball and football) bring in a lot of money to schools, the amount that schools could pay would most likely not be a set figure. Because of this, it is possible that the amount of money that colleges could pay athletes could influence where athletes choose to go. Furthermore, most colleges cannot afford to pay athletes. In fact, the NCAA reported that only 14 colleges in the united states report turning a profit off of college athletics per year. So yeah. I do actually think that college athletes should be paid, but it doesn’t seem feasible.

    • You did a great job on this essay. It is well written, and informative. Your points about athletes not having enough time for all of their responsibilities makes sense, and is an important factor to think about. The only problem I have is if they paid those athletes, it would open up the flood gates of complaints from all other teams wanting monetary compensation for their time on a team. I also think that covering for the personal choices of college athletes wouldn’t help them grow in maturity or understanding of the outside world.

    • Emily replied 1 month ago

      Hi Nishan-
      I found your post very intriguing and well written. However, I do not necesarily agree with you. While college level basketball players, along with other collegiate athletes are extremely talented, I do not think that they are subject to pay. Ultimately I believe that if you are to be paid for your athletci ability you should be an athlete of professional status. If collegiate athletes were to be paid (other than their scholarships, etc) it would be unfair to the other non- sports playing students attending the university. Just because these athletes have athletic talent does not mean that they should receive a financial reward while representing their college/university. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/college-athletes-should-not-be-paid

    • Simon replied 1 month ago

      Hi Nishan,
      As Colin says in a previous comment the NCAA uses a logic that says that this is a can of worms that they can’t deal with. However it is a problem that needs to be addressed because if we don’t it will never change. The NCAA addresses a lot of problems very quickly regarding format in the games and try to make it the best possible product that they can, and it seems that the better product would be if these kids stayed in school and learned the game more. They would have the incentive to do so if they get paid as you state.

    • Hi, Nishan-

      I thought this was a very insightful post. Your argument was very structured, and I thought that was very great in articulating your points on why college basketball players should be paid by the NCAA. I don’t think that it’s a good thing at all that all of this talent is still leading people with such a wide potential to eventually end up broke. It is even more difficult with how competitive athletics as well as academics are these days. It seems like people to pick one or the other if they want to be successful, and challenges in maintaining both is growing harder. That would make sense that college basketball players do not end up in a very good place much of the time because of the lack of education. Although, I think that a lot of questions would be raised on how to handle the new money circulating among these college players. I think it would be controversial, but your argument addresses it head-on. I think this is a good topic, and I hope to hear more from you on this.

      Thank you,
      Sophia Gross

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    Words have powerful meanings behind them and they should not be underestimated. This is why people carefully choose what they say. However, that’s not at all why chose Jell-o as my favorite word. I chose it s

    • Quite the intro for a word like Jell-O

    • I do agree with you that words have powerful meanings behind them and they should not be underestimated. One reason I say this is because, words aren’t just letters put together in a sentence, they are more then that, and I think words do have deeper meanings.

    • I agree with words have a powerful meaning and people should not just say things without knowing what they mean.One reason I say this is because words can really get to someone,sometimes something that you say to someone can stick in their minds for a long time either positive or negative.

    • Try improving your grammar to be able to sound more sophisticated.

    • i like the story but you just have to improve with the grammar so you can sound a little better. 😉 pause

    • Dear Nishan, I am satisfied with your post because you have a point of the word jell-o. The word jell-o is a fun word to say. Plus, jell-o is a very delicious dessert to eat after dinner. Your post reminds me something that happen to me. One time, I ate all the jell-o there was in Golden Corral. Thanks for sharing your post, I look forward into seeing more of your post. Sincerly, Jason

    • Great story , you should try connecting the Jello back to a personal connection to help pursue your story. It will help the story flow together more. This using of words is not just to take up space, some of these words really do have deeper meanings.

    • Cool story, you should try using the word Jello with a personal connection to help better your story. It will help the story come together more. The use of words is not just to take up space, some of these words really do have deeper meanings.

    • I am interested in your post because we can feel your passion and excitement for jello. Although you do need to fix a few errors throughout your post. There are errors in the way you are spelling certain words.

      One thing you said that stands out to me is “The English language has always had a poorly fixed system of rules that seem to have more exceptions than most math equations.” I agree with that because it is true, speaking English seems to be harder than math sometimes!

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