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    Nina commented on the post, Double visions

    Hey cristina,
    I love the pieces you continue to create with that beautiful poetic mind of yours. You can truly feel the emotions coming from you, and see what you are going through as a young person. here you write about a struggle, with your father, and end with how you have grown into a new person. I hope that you find someone who can show you…Read More

  • Dear yahaira,
    this is such an interesting piece you have created. It must have been hard to separate with you mom, to such a far place for a long time. I would have been so terrified. I also like how you added your mom’s thought about the situation. I hope you guys have reconnected in some way, and that you women are making memories together.

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    Nina commented on the post, Curious George

    hey miguel,
    Its cool that you are writing about history, and the interest you ahem found in it. Im glad you have realized there are things you can enjoy and excel in. I hope you will pursue something that will bring you that kind of interest and pleasure. you are very intelligent and curious indeed. Don’t let anything hold you back and keep…Read More

  • Hey Esthefany,
    I like how you write about one tradition you have and enjoy with your family. I have some too, but sometimes I feel we are slowly loosing them, I hope you hold onto yours. Family and the traditions we do, are important and what makes them unique and fun. they bring joy and everyone together which is cool. Family is everything.

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    Nina commented on the post, Making Up

    Dear Salvador,
    I like how you write about your relationship with your brothers. You show that no matter what happens between you guys, family will always win and ya’ll stick together no matter what. I hope to have something like that with my own brothers, but i’m afraid we are too apart at this moment. I am glad there’s something all of you enjoy…Read More

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