• Nina commented on the post, Double visions 2 years, 3 months ago

    Hey cristina,
    I love the pieces you continue to create with that beautiful poetic mind of yours. You can truly feel the emotions coming from you, and see what you are going through as a young person. here you write about a struggle, with your father, and end with how you have grown into a new person. I hope that you find someone who can show you…[Read more]

  • Dear yahaira,
    this is such an interesting piece you have created. It must have been hard to separate with you mom, to such a far place for a long time. I would have been so terrified. I also like how you added your mom’s thought about the situation. I hope you guys have reconnected in some way, and that you women are making memories together.

  • Nina commented on the post, Curious George 2 years, 3 months ago

    hey miguel,
    Its cool that you are writing about history, and the interest you ahem found in it. Im glad you have realized there are things you can enjoy and excel in. I hope you will pursue something that will bring you that kind of interest and pleasure. you are very intelligent and curious indeed. Don’t let anything hold you back and keep…[Read more]

  • Hey Esthefany,
    I like how you write about one tradition you have and enjoy with your family. I have some too, but sometimes I feel we are slowly loosing them, I hope you hold onto yours. Family and the traditions we do, are important and what makes them unique and fun. they bring joy and everyone together which is cool. Family is everything.

  • Nina commented on the post, Making Up 2 years, 3 months ago

    Dear Salvador,
    I like how you write about your relationship with your brothers. You show that no matter what happens between you guys, family will always win and ya’ll stick together no matter what. I hope to have something like that with my own brothers, but i’m afraid we are too apart at this moment. I am glad there’s something all of you enjoy…[Read more]

  • Dear vesna,
    I really liked how you put together this written piece. It almost makes me think about how there are many obstacle courses life decides to throw our way, but we continue to fight and make it out stronger, wiser, and smarter than before. I love how you use the connection of your feelings to the way the color of the sky changes to go…[Read more]

  • Dear Joanna,
    I like the piece you have decided to share, change is always hard to go through with. I struggle with change too. I like how you intwine your own feelings along with those of your family. I hope you still have those connections with whomever you knew in LA, and that the memories you made being in Oakland have been just as great. This…[Read more]

  • Nina commented on the post, A New Blessing 2 years, 3 months ago

    Dear Esme,
    I love this comic of yours. Writing about someone that brings you joy is wonderful. I hope to be that happy as you sound when I become an aunt. also, looking at his real photo, he’s such a handsome young boy!

  • Esme and Profile picture of NinaNina are now friends 2 years, 3 months ago

    • Dear Nina
      Your comic is a good one because it talks about where you come from.

    • Dear Nina,
      I like your comic because you talked about an event in your life where you weren’t really liking it at first, but then ended up being so excited about it and wanting to learn more about it. You draw really good, I was able to clearly see and understand what was going on. I hope I see more of your work in the future. Keep it up!

    • Dear Nina,

      I really enjoyed your comic, “Where I come from” because it explained a lot about where you came from and how you were able to learn more about yourself through your experience with your dad. Even though you didn’t know those people you were able to still spend time there. One panel that I really liked from your comic was when you were sleeping and also thinking about what would happen throughout the days because you felt nervous and you didn’t know what was gonna happen. The panel that stood out the most was the last one where you say that even though you didn’t feel good you were still able to learn a lot from being over there.

      Thanks for your comic. I look forward to seeing what you draw next and what other stories you have that talk about yourself and where you come from.

    • Dear Nina,
      I liked your comic because you talk about your experience going back to the country where you were born. Even though the place and the people were like new to you, you managed to make the experience the best out of it. I can also relate to not knowing much about the country were I was born. If I were to go back, I would also feel weird and wouldn’t know the people around. Even my family would be like strangers because I’ve never met them before in person. Thanks for sharing about your trip and family. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your posts.

  • Nina commented on the post, My Family 2 years, 4 months ago

    dear David,
    I really appreciate this piece of yours. It really shows a new side to you, and kinda explains why you seem to be happy most of the time. I like the figurative language you use when you write, “I thought about all the chapters of my life, and how my life book had just gotten bigger and more empty. Ready to be filled with my journey to…[Read more]

  • Nina commented on the post, nights 2 years, 4 months ago

    hey angela,
    I think what you have here is defiantly something, I strongly connect to. I get nerves and anxious at night too. But sadly, I know why they are there. What could really help us both is some meditation and a break, don’t you think? anyway, your voice is definitely being herd right now, and you should keep stepping out of that box, and…[Read more]

  • Nina commented on the post, 2 Trips 2 years, 4 months ago

    Geraaaaaaa my friend!

    I think this is the most I really her you talking about your trips, and what it meant to you. I love how you open up, and how you have realized how it has changed you into a better person. I’m glad you feel that traveling could be something good for you and that you are ready to get more out of up coming trips. Those days…[Read more]

  • My dear Yaqui,
    when you write the lines “The world is already cold, Family is supposed to give you that warmth, That warmth you need to survive the cold”, I had the chills, because I totally agree with these words. Love is such a powerful emotion, we have no Idea how strong of a hold it has over us. If you really need it, I and our friends can be…[Read more]

  • Hey vicente,
    I really like this comic you have put together. It really shows the different relationships you can have with friends and family. There will always be someone there, for us in a time of need.

  • Nina commented on the post, Choices 2 years, 4 months ago

    Dear Kris,
    I like how much you have changed, since this day had occurred. You make yourself look shy and indecisive then, but now I believe you have grown to be more outgoing and you seem to know what you want to do. By the looks of it your parents are pretty accepting to the choices to make. I hope soccer makes you a happy and better person!

  • Hey Esme,
    I really enjoyed this memoir poem that you created about a trip you took. I’m truly sorry and sad that you had to go through with such an amazing time, but then it was somehow made bad, because of one person and their actions towards you. Sometimes people have a strong effect on the world around us. I am however glad that you chose to be…[Read more]

  • August 24, 2014

    Life Academy

    Freshman year

    Starting over, starting fresh

    It’s a new year, time for a different attitude

    But I will stay as the same me

    I was ready to face the world

    The only thing on my m

    • Hello fellow classmate, I love how you wrote about your identity and how high school has changed you and the people around. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was when you said,”I am more broken than ever before, But I know deep inside, I have to be stronger than this.” This sentence shows you are a strong young women and even though you have faced a lot of challenges, you get stronger each time.Thanks for your post Nina Love Corbett!

    • Nina,
      I am proud by your poem, “New Year… Different Attitude… Same Me,” because you connect the way you have changed based on what you’ve learned about your own family. One sentences you wrote that stands out for me is: “I feel like I’m gonna explode, but I keep on moving along floating aimlessly through the day.” I think this is poignant because it shows how strong you are. You can be really hurt but you’re resilient enough to keep moving forward with your life. Your poem reminds me of when my mom tells me stories of how my dad was with her that really shocked me. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you speak very sincere about your life and I thinking talking about your feelings makes you feel better, so you won’t have to stay quiet.

    • Nina love,
      Thank you. Thank you for being able to express yourself through writing. This poem was filled with emotions that every person has experienced at least once. You showed how hard it is to be a high school student and have to deal with family problems. Also, sharing different perspectives on attitudes and identity. You are strong and beautiful! Once again, thank you.

  • Dear Yaqui,
    This poem so so much reflection and though you have put into yourself as a person. It shows how you have grown into the amazing person you are today. I know you don’t show it often, but you definitely are a caring and protective person to me. You are a strong woman, and you always bring laughter into my mornings :). Thank yo for…[Read more]

  • Dear Angela,
    I agree that you are very artistic, and a talented person. The pauses you make in your memoir are dramatic, and bring even more meaning to the words you write down. I totally agree when you say, ” Always trying new things, Once,” No harm come from trying something once. I like how you brush off, the words of haters and keep on…[Read more]

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