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    Dear Laura:

    I really loved the way you introduced one of the challenges that new language learners often face. Kelia is one of many students who might only speak English at school because everyone in her household speaks their native language. Students often take a longer time to become fluent and proficient in their second language…Read More

  • Dear Laura:

    I really loved the way that you introduced Amira with the title one of our children. It really shows how much you care about your students and that you’re very supportive as well. I really liked the paragraph where you broke down her family history and household arrangement. By mentioning that she comes from a large family…Read More

  • Dear Maritza:

    I really enjoyed your post on “Computational Thinkers NOT Robots”. It was well written and certainly a lot of ground was covered in this piece. You definitely brought up a lot of interesting points. One sentence that you wrote which stood out to me was your opening line when you said How can parents support the development…Read More

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    Nile commented on the post, Coding for Children

    Hi Laura:

    You proposed such a great question on whether coding should be implemented into the children’s curriculum. I think it depends on a variety of things that must be taken into consideration. The grade level and the type of students that are enrolled at a particular school could determine how successful the outcome will be. In a school…Read More

  • Hi Mirseda:

    I agree with you that it’s important to introduce scratch to students. They need space to express themselves. A lot of times they’re dealing with things outside the classroom either in their communities or their homes. Sometimes as mandatory as the other subject courses are, they can get overwhelmed and need a mental brake. A…Read More

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Steven's father is not part of his life and Steven's mood often determines how involved he wants to be with other students

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Debrief — How did this process work for the presenter(s) in gaining new insights about the child? How was it for the participants? What implications emerged for their own practice. The facilitator should be given feedback at this time.

I agree. Once children see the result of their work, they immediately begin to have fun as they 're learning. As a result, it motivates them to want to learn more.

I think that computational thinking is a great teaching strategy to help students develop fluency and learn new concepts and different practices. With the help of media sources, it gives students an opportunity to learn doing hands on activity’s.

I think what makes Algorithms great is that they teach students structure which is great form of discipline when teaching them a new concept. People in general learn best when they are presented with new concepts to master in sequential order.

I agree with Mitch's statement at the beginning about the Mother's Day car. Sometimes the hand made gifts are the most special and more meaningful. My mother still shows me Mother's Day cards that I made for her when I was in elementary school.

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