• The spider’s web

    so fragile but

    at the same

    time unbelievably strong

    covered in morning

    Dew it is a home

    for the spider

    trapping the spiders food

    providing a safe place

    for the insect’s offspring

  • Nikki wrote a new post, Williams I.S.O 3 years ago

    I ate

    the last  chocolate

    In the pantry


    The one  you

    were probably saving

    for after lent


    Forgive me

    for it was

    sweet and salty

    And delicous

    • Nikki, this is a good poem. I go to a catholic school so I know about lent and how hard it is so give something up for that long. This is great, good work!

    • I definitely like the them you are going for here. I think you could afford a little more on the overall concept but the story and necessary development for it are definitely present. Good work.

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  • Nikki wrote a new post, Shoo fly 3 years ago

    Shoo fly please do not bother me

    I do not want you buzzing around my food

    Can’t you tell you’re putting me in a bad mood

    Why can’t you go outside and fly by that tree

    You will gain so much more by being

    • Nikki,
      I really like the contrasting voices you picked here, they work super well. I love the beginning line too.

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    This was a great article! I can relate to this stressors such as school have more than a couple times left me with headaches. I think it is important to focus on mental health because, like you said, it could effect you in the long run.

  • Thank you for writing about this topic! I have heard about the issue of bees dying before but never knew what caused it. This article was very informative!

  • I really enjoyed reading this article! It’s nice to hear that states are taking steps to cut down on greenhouse gases. It was interesting that you focused on what coastal states are doing, that was a really good point of topic that I hadn’t thought about that much before!

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