• I did Desdemona’s lines from the play Othello. I learned that the way its written and the commas and structure of the writing help you to find more meaning in the words. It really shows why Shakespeare is much

  • My noble father,

    I do perceive here a divided duty:

    To you I am bound for life and education;

    My life and education both do learn me

    How to respect you; you are the lord of duty;

    I am hitherto your daughter:

  • Ronnie,
    I think this is a great topic and it was so sad to see some of the steps that have been taken to make sure women dont have a chance to get easily accesible contraceptives. This is unacceptable and allows doctors to discriminate based on their own beliefs. I agree with everything that you said in this article and I am excited to see what…[Read more]

  • NIki commented on the post, Never Again 2 years, 4 months ago

    Ellie, I completely agree with your stance on this subject. We have seen this happen to many times to not make a change. Innocent lives are being taken for no reason because we make it so easy to have access to fire arms. I think that the solution is gun control and regulation to make sure that they are properly stored, taken care of, and in the…[Read more]

  • Isaac,
    I really liked this articles because I have always felt that lobbying isn’t fair and supports private interests as opposed to the needs of the people. Everybody should have an equal vote and weight of vote despite who they are and how much money they have. I agree that this is taking away our opportunity to make changes in our country that…[Read more]

  • Carter,
    I agree the zoos and bad and often times treat animals very badly. People trust that the zoo is a happy and fun place for everybody involved where animals are kept in environments simaler to where they came from where they can lead happy and healthy lives. I think that some zoos probably are good and ethical, but I think that more…[Read more]

  • The meat consumption of Americans is very high and this is negatively impacting people’s health as well as the environment. Meat has been linked with many of the major chronic illnesses that are currently the

    • Niki,
      your topic is extremely interesting. It is not surprising to me that our high meat consumption is linked to chronic illnesses. The china study you mention sounds really interesting. Its definitely cool to learn that plant-based diets are better for us. I found this website about meat consumption in America that might be interesting. https://www.jhsph.edu/research/centers-and-institutes/johns-hopkins-center-for-a-livable-future/projects/meatless_monday/resources/meat_consumption.html Can’t wait to read more about your topic!

    • Hi Niki,
      I thought your post was very interesting to read. I agree that it is difficult to help people understand that meat is not good for you. We are taught from a very young age that meat is a necessity to gain sufficient muscle mass and be healthy, but that is simply not true. If you are interested in this, and want to find out more, you should watch the documentary, “What the Health”. It’s about veganism and why being on a plant based diet is not only good for your personal health, but the earth too. Here is the link if you want it:
      Best of luck,

    • Niki,
      this topic is a much disputed one and has been for as long as I can remember. I have heard a lot about how a plant based diet is the best for our health, and although I think it’s possible, I also don’t think that matters much to most individuals. I personally would take a pork burrito with large quantities of cheese over a salad any day. Also, it is arguable that we are meant to eat meat as we have bodily structures that imply carnivorous eating habits. But yeah, I do think this is a pretty neat topic and I am looking forward to reading the rest of your works.

  • Ceceli,
    This is a very relavent and interesting topic that I wish people knew more about. I think that the misconception that all planned parenthood does is abortions is ridiculous and neglects to realize how many people that need the help that they offer. It isnt fair to deny people basic medical care and contraceptives especially if we dont…[Read more]

  • I think that it was a good thing to shift your research idea and this new idea is a really interesting topic. I think that religion has played an integral role to politics whether it was evident or not since the beginning of time and this shift away from that is a rather new trend. I think Utah is a great place to research this as well because of…[Read more]

  • Jaime,
    I think that this is something that is different for everyone depending on their circumstance. Some people are devote all their time to school and extracuriculars and couldnt handle and job while somepeople need too. I think that there is a value in working but that it is different for everybody and might not boost many students motivation.…[Read more]

  • Brenda,
    I think that this post is very thought provoking and is a great example of the stigma and issues that Trump is causing. He is making americans feel unsafe purely because of who they are. I think that america as a whole should take a second look at how we view minorities and make this a better place for them because america was a melting…[Read more]

  • Fredrick, this is a really important topic right now especially with the new changes of the Trump administration. The changes made are negatively going to impact nearly everybody in the middle class and below so that the top 1 percent can make more money. I agree with you that we need to start speaking to our representatives and take action to…[Read more]

  • Cicely,
    I think this is a very interesting post on a topic that many people neglect thinking about. I think that people dont believe in mental illness until somebody does something durastic and then they are labeled as “sick” or whatever else. I think that we need to start treating mental illness as any other serious disease and normalize it. I…[Read more]

  • Erica, I have never really thought to hard about how geography impacts peoples personality so i found this article really interesting. I am interested in seeing how this is changing as the world develops and people move around more and more, especially ecologicially. I am excited to see where you go with this!

  • Being vegetarian has been shown to have many great impacts on health and the environment, but most people still have many myths and misconceptions about not eating meat that may or may not keep them from

  • Many changes would occur if everybody adopted a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet means not eating meat, poultry, or fish  Many people choose to be vegetarian for  environmental reasons concern for animals, or f

  • Humans need to consume less meat for our health and the planet. The meat industry is not only a large contributor to global warming, but the amount of meat americans eat is taking a toll on their health as well.

    • Niki,

      I figured I should send you a comment because your post is blank… I would be very interested to read your post if it weren’t, though!
      From the title alone, you have a very interesting argument at hand. I’ve heard about the waste products from bovine industries ruining the world before — but never ruining our health (at least not directly). Take a look at https://www.bustle.com/articles/137865-8-reasons-meat-is-bad-for-you-yes-even-chicken for some more information on what I presume your article would be about!



    The articles I read were mostly on what little things people can do to help the environment as well as also how cutting out meat and dairy can make a huge difference in helping to do so. I read about little

  • This is a really great post. I agree that this is the time to take action and start using clean energy. I don’t know too much about renewable energy, but we cant go on the way we are and so we need a solution. The information in this post sold me even more by showing just how much better and more efficient it would be. Many places are beginning to…[Read more]

  • Averi, I agree that the prison system in America is biased and takes advantage of the minority populations that it most often imprisons. On top of often horrible conditions they are forced to work and this is not okay. Prisons do nothing to help these people get better and make better lives for themselves. Instead they exploit them. I think that…[Read more]

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