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Hiding Out In Kindergarten: Edwin

Making Connections between Habits, Deeper Learning, Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Old Dog, New Tricks: Three Habits of Mind and TPCK

Your post reminds me of the ABC technique

What school is this?

90 minutes set aside to discuss a child

When I think about literacy, I see learning to code as analogous to learning to spell/write. You have certain “rules” that you need to follow that allow you to express ideas to an audience.


Now Comment anyone?

Can this “skimmy” approach actually provide students with background knowledge that they need to understand text?

Do parents naturally know how to ask these questions?

There is now lots of controversy over “picture walks” through texts. The “Science of Reading” mavens are arguing that guessing is bad. I believe that guessing and predicting are confounded in their arguments.

I appreciate the proximity of parent, child and book that is foregrounded here. I am not sure that the same applies when teachers call kids to a rug during circle time and read from a “big book.” It can be dialogic. It can also be call and response.

Soft ball question

Trump dismantled

5,000 beds

Politically wise move

Do simulations give students a voice? Are they actually constructing their own history?

Rhetorical Question

transition from sheltered to mainstream instruction, particularly at the middle level, may have caused a downward trajectory. What do others think?

What I have learned about Maria is that she withdraws when she feels as if she is failing at a task. She wants to succeed. Now let's think about strategies that will help her to persist and persevere when things get tough.

I like the checklist

Learning goals are what you want students to be able to do by the end of the activity.

Too many objectives

Again- capitals

Again- use of capitals

Use of flaming print font

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