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  • The narrator of the book is Scout Finch, the youngest child of Atticus Finch. Scout begins by telling us of her brother’s injured arm and of her family history. The earliest ancestor is Simon Finch, a fur trader who established Finch’s Landing outside of Maycomb Alabama. Scout’s father is a lawyer and her mother passed away when she was two. She…Read More

  • In To Kill A Mocking Bird The story starts with the first summer that Scout and Jem meet Dill, a little boy from Meridian, Mississippi who spends the summers with his aunt, the Finchs’ next-door neighbor Miss Rachel Haverford.

  • In Everything Everything, the protagonist is Madeline. The climax begins when Madeline finally meets Olly and shares her sickness with him. The tension rises when they meet for the second time and things become awkward. Madeline has a crush on Olly, but she’s not sure if he feels the same way. They continue emailing each other and Madeline…Read More

  • The best way to describe Madeline is adventurous and bold. She’s not afraid to do anything even with her condition. Even though she knows the risks of going outside, Madeline still wants to go because she doesn’t care about what could happen. She just wants to be a kid and to have a normal life.

  • Madelin tells Olly about her sickness and he dosen’t treat her differently so far she almost gets caught by Carla but she plays it off , i feel like Carla is eventually gonna find out so it would be better if Madeline told her , not that its any of her business but she should tell her because if she dosen’t tell her and Carla finds out its…Read More

  • on page 50 of everything everything madeline meets her new neighbor via online and theu start emailing each-other and opening up but madeline is a hesitant to tell olly about her disease. If i were in her spot i would tell him because hes eventually going to find out and a disease dosent define who you are.



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