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The rhythm of this poem is interesting and makes you feel like you are inside of the poem. The author makes you feel connected to the poem. The author also stops at certain points to emphasize what she is saying and to make the reader pause and think.

I think that the personification in this poem makes the poem seem like Philadelphia is a person. The author refers to Philadelphia as a “Girl” giving it personality. The author also refers to Philadelphia as “You” as if she was talking to a real person.

“God’s Secretary” by R. S. Gwynn, Read by Nico


San Miguel de Allende Plaza

The poems flow is smooth. there are some pauses in it to make to listener think about what the stanza meant.

She talks about Philadelphia and how many names it has and its reputation. Then she talks about how it brings her love.

I like how the author of this poem described the specific places in Philadelphia. I also like how the author of this poem personifies Philadelphia talking about it saying “her”

her characters confidence develops in the end showing her character building over time

this paragraph makes me want to read more

she probably needs to work while pregnant for money

He is saying that the white man likes hearing the black man suffer. He is fed up and trying to show how the white man is affecting black people

hes scared of what could happen to him

Fonny needed this help from them

yeah 118 is very young to get married

Fonny wants to strengthen their relationship by getting married

its weird how their family dynamic changes.

This shows Fonny cares for her. He is truly in love.

it shows that have to take new responsibilities and grow up

this is hard for her whole family

why are these people so mad over a baby

tish is fed up with it

they seem to get a lot of harassments from people but their family is still supportive and that's what matters

maybe Mrs. Hunt has something against Frank

they are gonna stay here

maybe the street was surprising because of how dark and eerie it was

it shows they can suppress some emotion and ignore things like being made fun of.

what does he need money for

maybe what her father means is that maybe even he isn't ready for her to have it

it probably wont be too bad that she drank while pregnant one time but if you do it consistently your baby will have issues or die

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