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  • Dear Sara, I really enjoyed seeing you Point of view of the first months of quarantine it just goes to show the different ways people interpreted/ took in with this pandemic. The line where you start to say this is the new normal I can relate to it because never in a million years if you were to ask me let’s say four years ago I would have never…Read More

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      The stories behind the walls  The memories of my childhood The good and bad in these closed walls Is home. I wake up in my bed and look around and feel safe I open my windows and look out and nostalgia takes over Im home. But...

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    • Dear Nicolle:
      I am intrigued by your poem, “Home,” because of the idea that with family you are at peace and always feel safe. It’s something I can relate to.
      One line that stands out for me is, “The good and bad in these closed walls
      Is home”. I think this line is so powerful because of the truth it holds, even when things aren’t the best it’s still your home/family.
      Another line that stands out for me is, “But no matter where I go as long as I have family I will always be
      Home.” I think this line is compelling because family is what makes a home, not the place/building it’s in. But the people that surround it.
      Your poem reminds me of a song that I once heard. It’s called To build a home by The Cinematic Orchestra. It gives me the same vibe as this poem, basically about realization. And how you have to honor the memories.

      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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    “14-Love-Songs” by Elizabeth Jacobson, read by Nicolle

    . Above a pond, I sit on a wooden bench and throw pebbles into the willows. A rush of sunlight and wind creates a path in a channel of water, dances between the melting ice and brown islands of bulrush. The resident osprey, its...

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    I Remember

    I remember waking up for school really early to get the first train.I remember rushing because I woke up extremely late even though I was going to be late regardless.I remember the smell of the morning air hitting my...

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    I'm Not Where I Am From

    I am from music and laughterWhere I am from we get discriminated and killedwhere I am from we work and don't get creditWhere I am from I'm expected to stay home and cleanI am from a family that believes...

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“14-Love-Songs” by Elizabeth Jacobson, read by Nicolle

I Remember

I’m Not Where I Am From


Here she uses figurative language and she specifically uses a simile to compare her slicked hair to Halle Berry in Boomerang.

A form of sound technique I see here is an enjambment because she ends the poem in the letter with 3 dots meaning there is more but she doesn't finish it and leave you to wonder and guess.

The technique I see used the most is imagery she writes about things with depth to the point that you can imagine it. And it help understand what's going on more because its as if your almost there.

She seems to be comparing what she is taking about to the women she seen where she lives. And even comparing to stray cats. and she says no offense although it seems like a hurtful thing to say.

Seems as if she is describing something she sees daily. Letting others imagine what she sees and smells. And showing where she lives which is not fancy and full of rich people but quite the opposite.

I enjoy how specific she is she explains it in a way that you can imagine it. Like writing the car and color you can picture how it looks.

This just shows you he cares deeply about her cause yeah he can let her do her but he pays attention to her and around her and intends to keep her safe. Especially in such a dark world.

I agree with the mother, yeah times may be rough right now but thats exactly why you have to keep pushing and fighting just as hard. Although it may seem there is no hope left you keep digging to find it.

I get that Bell is there only proof at the moment but seriously there must have been more to dig up because its just not possible and time records its almost as if they aren't trying.

Its understandable knowing how a person is feeling and people bringing up the same question as if they don't know but sometimes you do have to see it from there side. You may never know why they ask but there is always a reason.

you can tell that Fonny is family to them because of what's stated here she was relived and that's just sweet.

Fonny is so sweet and caring that you can tell he cant hurt someone i mean everyone can including him but he wont because he cares.

Who Did It?

The Unknown

Fonny is protective over Tish but not in an over exaggerated way. but in a loving way in the way he doesnt want anything bad to happen to her.

This is wrong every child deserves to get educated kids are the future if you limit the amount of education a kid gets then what is the future.

I agree Mrs. Hunt never really liked her or was very fond about her and her son so she wouldn't like this news.

Fonny and Tish have a sweet relationship especially knowing how they both feel about each other before them getting together.

Its sorta funny and sweet how both felt that way. And how they knew that something happened and got nervous so they ignored each other.

Its sweet hearing this because not every relationship is like this. and it also differs to Fonny's parents relationship as well as Tish's parents relationship.

I find there relationship sweet. They didn't love each other for sex and only sex which they haven't had yet but because they truly and deeply loved each other, it was more than physical attention but that they both were connected in a way.

I guess that she meant that she imagined that they were gonna have sex together.

What is Tish talking about? what exactly “Worked”?

I'm guessing that she came to the realization that it is actually happening, that her and Fonny are having a baby,

Its very sweet how she considers him family.

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