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Should Controversial Monuments be Removed.

Many people think yes, they should be removed,and others disagree. So much so that in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia an anti racism protest was killed by a white supesmissest, over the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. I believe that this should have never happened and no one should have died that day over a statue. […]

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Cars that stop drunk driving

In november of last year a bill was passed by biden, this bill included a demand for car makers to include a drunk driving prevention system. Car companies like BMW and Nissan have already started installing these devices. More of these systems could begin to be installed into care as soon as 2026. This new car system could be like […]

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Should civilians be able to travel to space? 

Everyone dreams of being an Astronaut, and now it’s even more of a possibility to be one more than ever. In YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space travel by BTW it talks about the pros and cons of it.  I think that it is so cool that this is a possibility but others do not, some might say that it takes a […]

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Should We Raise Minimum Wage

In the article. “ YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage” ( youth voices) written by an admin, it discusses the pros and cons to raising the minimum wage. After looking at this, I think that the costs outweigh the benefits and we should not raise it. Raising the minimum wage can help bring “900,000 out of poverty” . This could […]

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Can We Learn to Control the Weather ?

In the article “Can a giant lazer control the weather?” ( mcGraw Hill) it discusses a 29.5 foot long lazer rod that weighs about 5 tons that might be able to control lightning strikes and possibly make its own or redirect them.  The Lazer would take in the bolds and redirect them safely to the ground.  I think that this […]

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