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    Dear Leigh Ann,
    I am intrigued by your post, ¨psychopaths¨ because it really explains how yes people can be born with the ¨psyco genes¨ but it more so depends on a persons life that can make them a psychopath.
    One things that you said that really stands out to me is, ¨Psychopaths can be both born and created. Chemicals in the brain can be unba…Read More

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    Should We Raise Minimum Wage

    In the article. “ YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage” ( youth voices) written by an admin, it discusses the pros and cons to raising the minimum wage. After looking at this, I think that the costs outweigh the...

    Read More
  • Alex, I am so glad you found my article interesting, I also didn’t see the need for a lightning pole until I stated reading about it! thankyou for your feedback!

      • Dear Christopher,
        I agree with your post social media free speech. I agree that the school should not have tired to punish her, I also agree that she could have handled the situation better.
        one thing that stands out to me is when you said “she was expressing her anger, which she has the right to do’ this stood out to me because even though the…Read More

      • Dear Bethzy,
        I am touched after ready your poem, “talking to the sun” because it reminded me of how the world used to be when we were young and worry free.
        One stentence that really stood out to me was when you said, ” I remember not having to worry about myself” this stood out to me because when we were little we didn’t worry about how we…Read More

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