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  • dear Jennifer,
    I find it crazy that someone could come up with the idea to fake a small buisness to buy pokemon cards with government money. I think that it is good that he is being punshied for this. One thing that stood out to me was when you said, ¨he’ll be in prison for twenty years and be fined $250,000.¨ i think that 20 years in prison is…Read More

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    Should civilians be able to travel to space? 

    Everyone dreams of being an Astronaut, and now it’s even more of a possibility to be one more than ever. In YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space travel by BTW it talks about the pros and cons of it.  I think that...

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    • Dear Nichole, interesting question. The idea of civilians being able to travel to space I believe to be something that will certainly be pressing in the near future. It will be vital for the survival of the human race within the next few centuries that space travel is developed. We certainly are outliving ourselves on this planet and it will be fully needed for us to make a mad dash for space. Whether this should cost any money however, I believe it should not. Space is not a commodity to be made into another thing to just buy and sell in my opinion.
      Great ideas again,
      -Huck Jones

    • Nichole, this is a very interesting question. I think civilians will be in space and eventually, space travel will be treated like vacations on Earth, I am sure space travel will end up being vital, as the earth is slowly dying and we will want to research other planets and possibly alien life. We will be able to learn more about the human body and what lies beyond our planet. This was a very interesting post and brings many questions about our future and what we could achieve. Thanks for the post and I hope to see more!

  • Nichole commented on the post, Psychopaths

    Dear Leigh Ann,
    I am intrigued by your post, ¨psychopaths¨ because it really explains how yes people can be born with the ¨psyco genes¨ but it more so depends on a persons life that can make them a psychopath.
    One things that you said that really stands out to me is, ¨Psychopaths can be both born and created. Chemicals in the brain can be unba…Read More

  • Nichole wrote a new post

    Should We Raise Minimum Wage

    In the article. “ YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage” ( youth voices) written by an admin, it discusses the pros and cons to raising the minimum wage. After looking at this, I think that the costs outweigh the...

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  • Alex, I am so glad you found my article interesting, I also didn’t see the need for a lightning pole until I stated reading about it! thankyou for your feedback!

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