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    Hi Lauren this was an interesting post to read I have always thought about how much of an opinion on the world we form by ourselves and not by our parents and clearly we do get a lot from them. I thought the part where you said lack of knowledge can be perceived as ignorant was very true especially in today’s society.

  • I did the same topic and this was all vary close to what I found in my research. I was also very surprised to find out that the few seconds of putting someone to death costs more than keeping them in prison their entire life. I was also surprised to find all of the cases people have been put to death and than found innocent. Interesting topic it…[Read more]

  • There is a lot of statistical evidence as to why abolishing the death penalty can be good for society. The first big reason is the cost of pre trial, trial, sentencing and the execution. A study done by

    • Nic this is such a great topic to choose and one that is not talked a lot about. I agree with you that this should not be the punishment one receives for their misbehavior’s. I like the argument you make in that it is best to send someone to prison for the rest of their lives because that is more of a punishment than killing them. I am with you on this topic.

    • Nic,
      You make good points on why the death penalty can be a bad thing. I agree when you say a person is not afraid of death if they can bring themselves to kill someone. Your analysis is thought provoking.

  • In the article I read on medical marijuana they stated that the FDA has not listed medical marijuana as an approved drug because the FDA has to do extensive tests and processes. This article also listed a lot of

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    Dear Mariana I agree with your article, woman should have the right to make the decision to follow through a full pregnancy. The fetus could not survive without the mother and if the mother decides to not want to continue the pregnancy she should because it is connected to her and her alone. Thank you for your detailed and very informative article!

  • Dear Gedeon this article closely relates to the article I wrote. In my article I focused more on the greenhouse gases coming from cars and factory pollution. I found an article with a graph that shows how Co2 is the highest levels ever recorded. Thanks for your post it was very interesting.

  • The earth has natural greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is the effect where gases in the atmosphere allow heat in but only some out. There are two types of greenhouses

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      Hi Nic, this is a great post on greenhouse gases and how they effect our earth. I am actually doing a project on climate change, how it effects our earth, and ways we can turn climate change around. I know that there are specific things we can do to limit the amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere while still generating the energy we need to support our lives, like using solar power, wind power, and hydro power instead of burning fossil fuels. However, do you know if it has proven to be more efficient or cheaper?

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