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  • Nate wrote a new post

    Why I joined Lit Mag

    Why did I join Lit Mag? Art has always played a subtle role in keeping my sanity anchored and engaged. So when I was told one of the only available classes for 6th period was lit mag I did not...

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  • This article makes some very valid and interesting points about how India and its population have been faced with economic challenges in light of covid. With a population of 1 billion-plus, that’s a lot of jobs lost and kids to be sent online. With poverty numbers rising globally this is a massive unknown problem, especially in the US, where the…Read More

  • I believe you make some solid points about how marijuana should be used medicinally, but I feel like you have either misinterpreted the data or do not have a full understanding of THC, while minorly possibly addictive (still sitting around 10%) marijuana is much more dangerous as a gateway drug than anything else, but legalization is at the age of…Read More


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Why I joined Lit Mag

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