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  • Hi Benny,
    I understand how you feel about people posting scary videos on social media. Personally it’s terrifying, I hate how people are just doing it for views. Social media should not be used Like this! People have been getting many threats and it’s not a joke anymore it isn’t very nice. Anyways This A good topic to write about, Keep Posting!


  • Dear Future President of The United States of America,

    Congrats on becoming president! I hope you consider these things that are happening right now let me explain!

    In the United States, there hasn’t been much o

    • Hi Nicole, great concept of having our future president protect women’s rights. I full heartedly agree that we deserve to get treated better. I think to make this a little better possibly you could give examples of how we are treated unequally and how might we fix it. This is a national issue and I am sure many articles are floating out there that give examples of inequality and solutions to the problem. I think with examples and solutions it would make the reader more persuaded and on your side. Otherwise, great idea.

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