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    At the starting age of 3 years, children begin to be curious with their surroundings and attempt to act, speak, and dress at times like adults.

     Preschool gives children an opportunity to show growth in

    Is preschool beneficial for kids?

    At the starting age of 3 years, children begin to be curious with their surroundings and attempt to act, speak, and dress at times like adults.  Preschool gives children an opportunity to show growth in their early life....

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    • I agree with this post, ever since the former Mayor removed preschool it’s been an issue. Kids should be able to learn at the age where they become more active in the process. There’s a certain age in which kids learn the most, allowing them to learn early helps them strive and be prepared for the future.

    • I agree with this post I feel like preschool is necessary because the best age to learn new things is as kids. I feel like as kids need preschool in order to be successful further down the school timeline. In preschool you get a jump start in which you learn how to speak properly and learn your shapes so when you hit kindergarten year you are already prepared.

    • Dear Natasha, I thought that your post about preschool was very interesting. I agree when you say when children goes to preschool at young age they get to learn and grown because, they are interacting with other children. Your post has me thinking why do others feel like preschool isn’t good for children?

    • I agree with this post this is great for the upcoming generation because they have to start off early to prepare for grammar school.

    • Dear Natasha, I completely agree. Brain development begins sooner than we think. I have a 10-month-old nephew who has learned to mimic many things we do. I believe by having children attend sooner have a higher chance of being more advanced by the time they are in kindergarten. I know many of my friends didn’t go to pre-k or if they did they took it twice. I personally don’t know if this is a good or bad thing but I’m sure there are some studies that can back this up.

    • My name is Gabriela and I am a BOYCP student, I found this article very interesting because I did not know that Curie took in consideration a child’s learning skills which for me personally is very important. Many children are not allowed to enroll into school because of their age, behavior, or abilities to do personal things by themselves. I think that more high schools should also keep in mind that these children are the future generations and we should focus on strengthening their skills to avoid struggling with simple tasks. I am wondering why the title of the post is named like it is but nice article !

    • My name is Ricky Herrera and I attend BOYCP. I was reading your article and found most of the points you made very interesting. Also, children are the future of our country and society so having them do something that isn’t beneficial doesn’t seem like time well spent.

    • I agree because it does teach the kids some simple things that will make it easier to teach them for kindergarden. Having children that have not learned it will make it harder to teach the whole class.

    • Hi Natasha, I agree that preschool is beneficial for children. I feel that being with your peers, especially at a developing age like they are, is integral to learning and growing. Here you learn teamwork, manners, etc, which children need to be ready in future schooling.


    • Hi Natasha,
      I enjoyed reading your post and agree that even though preschool isn’t strenuous, it still gives a child the opportunity to learn, interact with others and expand their creativity. You made a lot of good points about your topic and I liked how you gave specific examples of the benefits of preschool. I found a good source that shows both sides of your argument:


      • Natahsa, I compelelty agree with you, preschool is benefical. Allowing cghildern to be in preschool cerates a new atmosphere, even thought they are still so young it allows them to bond, interactive with other childern, make relationships. It is a one of the rpimary places where childernat a very young age begin to learn lifelong values, which are used everyday.

    • Natasha, I enjoyed reading your article on preschool as it is a prevailing debate in the current society. I agree with you when you say that “Preschool is also a place where children learn to interact with others and expand their creativity. During play time, children learn to share toys and play with other children that are in their class.” I believe that children will develop necessary social skills early on by interacting with a wide range of people. I was also enrolled in preschool because both of my parents worked and I had made the most valuable friendships there. Here is an article that might interest you. I would love to hear back from you after you address the cons of preschool mentioned in this article. Great Job!

    • Natasha, thank you expressing your opinion. I completely agree with you. Putting young kids in preschool can only be beneficial. It can help kids create friendly relationships and the basics of education. It helps them to understand how school works, and can even advance their vocabulary by very much. This link explains a few reasons why preschool is beneficial: I specifically agree with you point “During these interactions, it develops their brain to think more and expand at the same time.” Schooling for these young kids can only help their development and push them into becoming better kids.

    • Here is an interesting article to further grow your argument.
      I do agree that preschool is important. It is important for kids to be exposed to learning so they are prepared for kindergarten. I like how you discussed how your school takes action in teaching students how to write. I think you should write about why others view preschool is not important. Then go back to your claim, to make your argument stronger. I think you should look at some data to show if children who go to preschool are more prepared for kindergarten. School is very important and as soon as kids can be exposed to learning, the better.


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