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You brought up a lot of good points! I am and always will be on the side of wealth over happiness but you did a good job portraying the arguments and shutting down parts you may not agree with. Well done.

This post was very well laid out and got the point across efficiently. Good job using applicable examples and describing how different things impact them. It will be interesting to see the future of drug rules and usage in sports.

Estrella, This is a very important topic that we all need to be thinking about. Originally no one imagined covid would last this long but now, here we are. It is crazy to be living through something that younger people will learn about in school and that new...

It is ridiculous how popular something that is harmful to our health has become. You bring up good points of why they became so popular and the negative impacts it may have on people. Something that I am curious about is what impacts this will have 30+ years...

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