• Dear Kris,
    Your writing about being a good role model to your little brother just like your father is to you is very well written, and sounds like it was taken out of a book.

  • Dear Elliot,
    This piece writing is very well written and pretty good. I like how you write in a comedic way and mixing it with a deep, sort of way, involving your name.

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  • Dear Angel,
    This 9$ Million Dollar Budget cut affects all schools in the OUSD district because all schools in the district in a whole will lack materials, and maybe will be less efficient at educating students.

  • Violence in Oakland

    When you hear the word Violence what do you think of? Do you think of past experiences? Or do you think of movies, TV shows, and/or video games? Violence occurs all over the world and can

    • This blog is good because It proves why young teens join gangs to fit in.

    • Dear Nevin,
      I am moved by your post about the types of violence in Oakland because this is something that happens all too much and too often in many low-income communities throughout Oakland. One sentence that you wrote stood out to me was, ” Domestic Violence can shape how a child will act and behave when he/she grows up, resulting in having depression, guilt, shame and sleep disturbances. I think that this is very much accurate because I have seen instances in past studies where children who have been exposed to domestic violence end up having some sort of depression that impacts their lives in a negative way. I appreciate you bringing domestic violence to the light because this problem is affecting the lives of millions of kids throughout the world. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like your way of expressing your opinions on the types of violence in Oakland.

    • Dear Nevin

      I’m very impressed with your level of work. Your blog called Types of Violence in Oakland is a very good blog it really shows some true emotion. It really shows the type of person you are and how you care about Oakland. It shows that you are trying to make oakland a better place for everyone. One sentence that you wrote that really stands out to me is “Domestic Violence can shape how a child will act and sleep behave when he/she grows up, resulting in having depression, guilt, shame and disturbances (Domestic Violence Roundtable)”. I think that is a really strong part of your blog and it shows real emotions and how domestic violence can change someone's life. Thank you for writing and I hope to read some more of your amazing posts.


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    Dear Nishan, I think the fossil fuels will be used up and I doubt we will find another way to use energy fast enough without losing power to most of the things that use fossil fuel around the world.

  • Dear Nate, I also have heard about Finland getting rid of homework and now being considered being one of the most smartest countries in the world. Both arguments about homework beneficial and unbeneficial have a lot strong evidence on both sides.

  • My shadow box shows a Mexican flag which represents that I am Mexican American. My Dominant Narrative about my Mexican flag is that Mexicans arrived into the US illegally and that we are criminals. My counter

    • Good Job on your shadow box Nevin. I like how you incorporated your family’s history and your counter narratives about who your people are.

    • Dear Nevin,
      This post of your shadow box intrigued me, how you talked about other peoples perspectives on mexicans, why do you believe that other people say that Mexicans are criminals? Next you said that your older brother likes to drive you around town, what do you enjoy when you guys driver together? Lastly, you spoke upon coming from Oakland, and how society and other places see use as criminals, how can we prevent people from labeling us as these “criminals”? I really like your post, I hope you keep it up and I’m looking forward to your next post, brother from another letter.
      Sincerely, Kevin.

    • Hi, my name is Ingri and I am a 9th grader at Fremont High School. My grade did the same project as you. I really like how you explained that your brother is like a friend too you. I like the picture that says Oakland because that represents you and where you live.

    • Dear Nevin,
      This post about your about your shadow box was cool because you explained the different stereotypes you as a Mexican and from Oakland have to experience and it’s important because everyone who was born and raised in Oakland are considered dangerous like you explained in your statement. I really like your post, I look forward to your next post
      Sincerely, Aaron

  • Dear John,
    I agree with your ideas about banning firearms to keep people safe. when you talked about police brutality made me feel like nobody is safe from the police because they have the power to do anything they want with minor consequences.

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    • hi my name is elvin i am writing from fremont high school.
      you do a very great job with your shadowbox i like how you express yourself.
      what do you respond when that people said the mexican are criminals and bad person.
      i like how your shadowbox box represents mexican people.

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