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    Dear Teens of 2018:

    We are writing this to you to show that cyberbullying is actual bullying. The majority of the people reading this have experienced cyberbullying, this includes being cyberbullied,

    Cyber Bullying Is Actual Bullying

    Authors Dear Teens of 2018: We are writing this to you to show that cyberbullying is actual bullying. The majority...

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    • Online bullying is something that teachers and parents should give out help for

    • What will you do to stop online bullying?

    • I agree that cyberbullying is a big problem in society nowadays and I find you guys showing awareness on social media very inspiring. But what about adults oppressing teens? Overall this was great and it shows you guys have a passion for what you’re writing.

    • I honestly say that cyberbullying is a greater issue than regular bullying cause it’s easier to get away with it. This is especially common in america because of all these kids and teens that have technology.

    • I feel like cyber bulling is going to continue. Although it can be slowed down. There are a bunch of resources like parents, teachers, groups and much more. What I want to know is that what do you think is the best way to identify cyberbullying?

    • Dear Nevin and Fernando,
      I am moved by your letter,”Cyber Bullying Is Actual Bullying,” because teens are unaware of the hurt it can really damage people. Our society believes that when bullying happens through a screen it won’t hurt as much it would in person. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “The issue on the internet is that people are more careless when using the internet than the real world.” I think this is powering because it’s true for this society. Many people in this generation use the internet to get away from the real world and be someone else without really knowing the harm it can lead to others. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you demonstrate the truth through your writing. Also from the beginning you state to whom it might relate to which helps a lot. For example you state dear teens which is true because teens are mainly the problem here.

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  • I appreciate the comment about my work, I hope to get more feedback from you when I post.

  • Dear Kris,
    Your writing about being a good role model to your little brother just like your father is to you is very well written, and sounds like it was taken out of a book.

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