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Recording a Passage from Othello-Desdemona 4.2.175-186

What play did you choose? What act, scene and line numbers did you choose? The play was Othello. Act 4, Scene 3 Lines 175-186. Which character did you play? I played Desdemona What did you learn about the impact of tone, inflection, volume and pacing in your own rehearsal and oral performance? I learned that in order for the reader […]

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Othello- Close Readings

Desdemona 4.2.175-186 Original: O good Iago, What shall I do to win my lord again? Good friend, go to him; for, by this light of heaven, I know not how I lost him. Here I kneel: If e’er my will did trespass ‘gainst his love, Either in discourse of thought or actual deed, Or that mine eyes, mine ears, or […]

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Social Media’s Effect on Teens- Physically

It is easy to overlook the negative effects social media has on the human body. The physical effects are not as obvious as the mental ones, but as technology advances, the side effects of social media will become more evident. First and foremost, the digital screens that are eyes look at more than one hundred times a day are very […]

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Social Media’s Effect on Teens- Mentally

The new era that brought social media also brought along cyber bullying, suicide, and depression. Social media makes it easy for there to be no name behind a face. What’s posted on social media is permanent, and could ruin someone’s reputation forever. There have been multiple cases where admission counselors of colleges have made social media accounts and followed students […]

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Social Media’s Effect on Teens- Academically

Not only does social media affect teenagers socially, mentally, and physically; it also affects them academically. A study done in 2009 by CommonSense media showed that thirty-five percent of students admitted to using their cellphone to cheat on tests. In 2009, the iPhone 3GS was the newest smartphone. Now, in 2018, there is the iPhone X. In 2013, only thirty-seven […]

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Social Media’s Impact on the Teens

Social media is defined by the websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts. Although teenagers are aware of the negative impact that social media has on them, their awareness does not stop the addiction. It is very common to hear elders saying, […]

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What’s Up With Utah’s Inversion Layer?

An inversion layer is formed when a reversal of the normal atmospheric conditions of temperature in the troposphere (the layer of the atmosphere closest to Earth’s surface), in which a layer of cool air at the surface is overlain by a layer of warmer air. Inversions usually occur during the winter months. They trap a dense layer of cold air under […]

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How is the U.S. being affected by fake news?

Fake news has lead to some of the greatest disputes of this era. Websites, tv shows, Twitter, news apps, Instagram accounts, you name it- have all lead to the spread of false information. Fake news manipulates information with the intent to mislead the public and damage an agency, entity, or person’s reputation. In exchange for this false information, the people […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood

  With adventure on our minds, we got our cameras and voyaged through the forest. As we were looking for beautiful sights in nature, we came upon a walkway that led us to this beautiful wall. Park City, Utah Wind blowing, leaves falling In the woods I am walking Birds chirping, squirrels digging Not stopping my mind from wandering Fashion […]

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Has our ability to peacefully assemble given to us in the Bill of Rights been abused?

First Amendment to the constitution states that U.S. citizens have the right to assemble peacefully, and have the right to free speech. The Fourteenth Amendment gives this power to the states, but due to the Supremacy Clause, if the Assembly is unconstitutional the Federal Government can step in/ and or shut it down. Rules and Regulations of Assembling include: Assembly […]

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What would a universal religion change?

Religion is a subject of tough discussion. It is ranked as one of the top two things to never bring up in a conversation (the other subject being politics). When it comes to religion, people have very strong beliefs. These beliefs can lead to conflict. An extreme example of conflict is the attack on the Twin Towers in New York […]

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