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  • Nicholas, It was really interesting how you stuck on how you used AI in the classroom and how it can have a positive impact. Something you can add is maybe putting in an example of your using AI, like work you did in the past for that class. I really enjoy reading how AI was a tool for you in class and in a way made your witing stronger and more…Read More

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    Salome, I agree with you that when using AI you always got what you were looking for and I really like how you add an example of you using AI. Something that can improve your comment is making it clear where you showing us the example. I wanted to put out that you using a quote for one of the examples of AI is a great way to show it works in many…Read More

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    Destiny I enjoy how you express satire as a language of power that is used to express emotions and thoughts creatively. I also like how you divided “Long Division into three main themes that spoke to you. Your post is strong on its own but something that could improve it would be changing the AI saying “destiny comment” to making it your writing.…Read More

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    Youth Voices and AI

    AI Mojo AI through Youth Voices is an innovative system that has emerged as a game-changer in education. By enabling students to express their ideas, topics, and stories with greater clarity and detail, it provides a unique platform for...

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    I really enjoyed your poem and it felt almost like a conversation that you’re having with yourself. It kinda reminds me of how some novels start their books like this. Was there a reason you choose this writing style ?

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