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    Dear Diego
    I can really connect to your injury. I am an active person that does sports and an injury also is very worrying. You never know what might happen, or how long you will be out. You have to adjust your whole life.
    One sentence that stood out to me was “felt scared”. I felt that because it could impact your whole life, because you…Read More

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    College Athletes

    In the article, "College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?" I learned that college athletes bring in billions of dollars in revenue and tons of recognition for colleges. But they don't make profit out of their great skills....

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    • I agree that college athletes should be payed because they bring in a lot of money as you said. For example, when Zion Williamson was at Duke they made millions and millions of dollars off of his play. He didn’t get any of it which is terrible. College athletes do need to get paid as it is their job.

    • Dear Neftaly

      I agree that athletes from colleges should be payed because they bring in a lot of money as you said. For example, when Zion Williamson was at Duke they made millions and millions of dollars off of his play. He didn’t get any of it which is terrible. College athletes do need to get paid as it is their job. In my opinion, that it allowed students that to take the pride of inside them and the feelings that connected to the higher educational endeavor. They also will be providing of one route for historically underrepresented individuals to receive an education at an affordable of cost.

      What I think about college students that one of the sentence that stood out to me was, “WIth them getting payed it could help them pay their college tuition or just other expenses they may have”. I think that is is good because financial aid is money to help pay for the colleges or the career school, and grands, work-study, loans, and scholarships help make college or career school affordable.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like your opinion that will make with your life and other people. I would like you to continue telling about college athletes.

    • I think that college athletes should be paid, they should not be paid by the school. They should be paid by their advertisements and the merch that gets sold In their name. I think that they can also be paid by sponers. The only thing I think is that they should be paid by the school, but by others.

    • I do agree that college athletes should be getting payed money that they receive from branding, social media attention, etc. They are the ones putting in the work and not the actual school itself. Many of these athletes also have families that are living in poverty and they are essentially being stripped of their currency to wealthy individuals at the schools who do not need the money, but the actual families of the players themselves.

    • Hey Neftaly,

      This question of paying college athletes is definitely the hottest issue in sports right now. And while I agree that College players should be paid for sponsorships and other promotions, they shouldn’t be paid by their schools, as it would make it unfair for smaller schools who would be unable to get good players to play for them. It will be really interesting to see what happens in the future!

    • I think college athletes don’t necessarily need to be paid but rather compensated through full tuition coverage, food and housing and travelling compensations. I believe this because if athletes are bringing in so much cashflow to schools they deserve to be paid back in some way. This compensation must be applied to all sports though, not just a few.

    • Dear Neftaly,

      I was drawn about your post, “College Athletes”, because it has led to believe that college athletes don’t make any profits from their “job” as they are responsible for generating revenue for their colleges. As is it understandable to conclude that it is unfair for the college athletes to not get paid.

      One sentence that stands out on this is that “Schools make thousands or even millions of dollars by using the athlete’s image for promotions.”. I think this is falsifiable because colleges tend to spend a lot of money on the games, mostly to coaches and directors to have a better chance of winning. I don’t think that this is considered a job for the athletes as they are not professionals.

      Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. I’ll be keeping touch in upcoming post because you seem to genuinely care about this topic. Also, it is good to keep up that passion to call out something that you believe is wrong.


  • Dear Gabriel,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the read. I want people to learn and know about space. I think it’s important to know about space because it affects us in many ways. I also believe that people should have more knowledge about space.

    Although people might not support it, they should really take it more into consideration. Because space has…Read More

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    Thanksgiving Tradition

    In the article "Thanksgiving Turkey and Traditions" I learned that Thanksgiving is a holiday that us Americans celebrate. Benjamin Franklin proposed the turkey as the United States’ national bird, instead of the bald eagle. They wanted the turkey to...

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