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    Police Brutality and Body Cameras

    One "solution" for Police Brutality was to have police officers wear body cameras, this was supposed to help us give evidence when brutality occurs, but also decrease brutality as a whole. These cameras have failed to help end police...

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    • Hello Nyayeek,
      I really enjoyed reading your post about police brutality and the “solutions” police departments are providing in hopes to end brutality. Like you said in your post, POC are greatly affected by this issue regardless of the use of body cams. The only solution is the redistribution of money in all police departments. With this, they could properly fund areas such as, training in which they could successfully arrest a person without killing them. But instead, money is being put into useless body cams.

  • Hi Giselle,

    Women’s rights is a really prevalent issue in society today, and I feel like it gets pushed to the side many times, and I am glad that you have brought it up. Women are an essential part of society who deserve the respect, and we have not received that in a while. This topic is important to me because it affects my day to day life…Read More

  • Hi Gerardo, I think this is an interesting topic to talk about. So many things are available to you when you turn a certain age when your 16 you can drive, 18 you can vote, and at 21 you can drink alcohol. I think that these ages are set to teach responsibility, so you are prepared for adulthood. Many people aren’t ready to move out and become an…Read More

  • Hi Estrella,
    I agree that Covid19 has greatly changed the world for us now and it will continue to change later, Gen Z is greatly affected by this change. Gen Z sees the changes in the education system, high school and college students have to learn from home and high school seniors are seeing many changes in college applications. Students will…Read More

  • The right to choose is so important and is something that is a big risk now. I think voters need to start understanding that not only is the presidential election so important but the elections going on in their own states can really affect their lives. I think your last paragraph is super important, people should understand that staying silent is…Read More


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