• I agree today all we hear and see is how teenage girls are going missing and police authorities aren’t doing anything. I’m pretty sure that all of these missing girl cases are connected to sex trafficking. Why only girls? How come we still don’t have answers ?

  • I agree with this post I feel like preschool is necessary because the best age to learn new things is as kids. I feel like as kids need preschool in order to be successful further down the school timeline. In preschool you get a jump start in which you learn how to speak properly and learn your shapes so when you hit kindergarten year you are…[Read more]

  • Improving the communities is important because that where we live and should be able to feel safe at least in our own community because that’s our home. A lot of these factories are polluting the air and it affects us in the long run.

  • i agree with this i feel like schools are lacking social workers and this is affecting students. Sometimes students need someone to talk to and help them with situations and teachers are busy with their lesson plans and don’t have the time to talk to students one on one.

  • ” Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money”~Indian Proverb

    My teammates @lreyes21 @jmanriquez2 and I are looking

    • Hey Nereida! I saw your post in the suggested list and noticed the comment you made for your title. I am currently taking a oceanography class at my current high school and it focuses on the carbon foot print we are leaving on our planet. Its nice to see that other high schoolers are recognizing it as well!!! Nice job!

  • hello, i am a student at back of the yards collage preparatory in Chicago and i have witness both type of positions when it comes to global warming. I was wondering if you have any ideas that i can incorporate into my action plan because i would like to bring awareness and inform them of this issue.

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