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  • I fully agree with the fact that AI limits your creativity, you can definitely tell the difference between a human-written text and an AI-written text. I noticed the AI didn’t change much from the original writing and it just added some words as well as add “bigger” words to make the text sound more full. I think that your main point in the end…Read More

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    I definitely agree with using AI more like a tool instead of as a crutch to do work. I find it interesting that the AI didn’t really change much to your actual writing, it just made minor changes like in the structure. I honestly like the original before the AI made changes to the writing, it think that it feels more natural to read.

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    It’s really interesting to see the interpretation by the AI of your comments and annotations on the book. The second interpretation names “The Power of Abuse” really stuck out to me and the AI actually made some really good points. “This quote highlights how words can be weaponized and used to inflict psychological damage on another person.” This…Read More

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    Introduction I think that the AI didn't do a good job portraying the story off on the notes and annotations that I have been making. The AI keeps singling out civil rights and racism when that isn't what the story...

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  • why did you choose these questions “ How could we be accused of mass incarceration if slavery isn’tisn´t legal? And the Jim Crowcrow era is far gone?”

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