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    Dear W.O.M.A.N., Inc,

    Did you know that “1 in 15 children are exposed to intimate partner violence each year, and 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to this violence”(NCADV). This statistic is horrible, tha

    Domestic Violence Against Women and Children

    Authors Dear W.O.M.A.N., Inc, Did you know that “1 in 15 children are exposed to intimate partner violence each year, and...

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    • Hello everyone,

      My name is Evelyn Diaz Garcia and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
      One thing I liked about what you wrote was that you guys really took the time to add many information that informs people about this issue.The information you guys provided us is great because you guys didn’t only give us sources and quotes from articles but you guys also gave us numbers and percentages that showed us more about how bad this issue is.You guys really did a great job keep it up.Something I have a question about is What inspired you guys to write about this issue?

      Thank you for sharing your project!

    • Something I liked about your writing was that you pointed out this topic and trying to help the people that are going through this domestic violence.” … Still, others may have learned this behavior from growing up in a household where domestic violence was accepted as a normal part of being raised in their family” (Goldsmith).I agree with this quote as well because I think if yo grow up in a home where there is domestic violence children are going to grow up thinking it is okay and normal.

    • Hi, My name is Ariana. I really liked your article and I like how you said that domestic violence has a lot of affect on families because many parents may take anger and stress into their own hands and it can affect the kids/children’s lifestyle and childhood. I think in the USA there is a lot of teenagers and kids that grow up belong scared or very independent due to things that happened between their parents or at home. Maybe some kids even don’t have a relationship or bond with their second parent because of the use of violence that they took out on the other parent.

    • The thing that caught my attention was that you pointed out how domestic violence could affect in different way how it affects families in different ways.Something you did pretty well was to provide lots of evidence to back up your topic. 🙂

  • Dear Linda,

    Thank you for reading my blog. One question that I have for you is what animals do you think it is better to test on new treatment and why? Also do you agree with using animals to test on makeup?

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    Naycet commented on the post, Animal Research

    Dear Guadalupe,

    I am delighted by your post, “Animal Testing” because you explained very clearly how animal testing is a good thing and it is okay for researcher to do it. A sentence that stood out to me was “This proves that animals experimentation is benefiting people and there are not many animals that are dying because of our own benef…Read More

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