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    Dear Kaya:
    I am surprised by your post, “It’s Bed Time,” because I didn’t know that sleep deprivation could cause our everyday life and mindset. The fact that not getting enough sleep causes brain break/damage is very shocking to me and as a result lowering our concentration is also a moving fact.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is:…[Read more]

  • Values are the foundation of a society, they direct the society accordingly in a path with established boundaries, and regulations. Values differ depending on different cultures; Americans’ culture value i

    • Navid,
      I like how many directions this piece goes in. Your tie-ins to literature is a great way to try and help your reader understand your ideas. I like how you talked about history as well, as that always impacts a society and cultures. You have a lot of interesting ideas going on here. I would love to hear you elaborate on some of your points, like with your history piece. Good job!

  • Hi Cooper, I like the way you have used Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian to show how one can have the opportunity to change their life, yet I think that it would be more concise if you went more in depth by using quotes from the book to show his earlier lifestyle. I find the last paragraph (the American Creed) very well developed, the…[Read more]

  • The U.S. has long been known as a country with a perfect constitution providing liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Americans have fought for freedom and equality for decades, yet such laws

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  • The world is carved with people of different backgrounds; different social cultures, and different experiences has led some to believe what others have praised upon them. Therefore, it’s good to have the confidence of sharing our own opinion and the fact that there are many others with the same thought process about a common interest. I found t…[Read more]

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