• Hi Sofia,
    I’m so happy for your friend who is continuing to develop his music career.

    In your book does the character continue to communicate with the author who wrote to him?

    Ms. N.

  • Hi Rolando,
    I haven’t read this series of books, but you and some of your peers seem very interested in them. Were you the one who encouraged Eduardo, Miguel and German to read them?

    I’m curious to know–who is your favorite character? I’d like to know about him/her.

    Ms. N.

  • Hi Raul,
    Does your book remind you of anything? Have you been around horses?

    Ms. N.

  • Dear Samantha,
    This is such an important topic! It is terrible that people put these labels on women and girls. Do you think boys and men experience these types of verbal attacks in the same way?

    Ms. N.

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    Hi Alberto,
    Did you read that horses are given drugs to go faster? I was surprised to read that, but I really shouldn’t be. It’s like athletes who takes performance enhancing drugs. Did you read that cars have “40 caballos de fuerza”? I have heard about “horsepower” before but never thought about it until I read your post. Is there an actual…[Read more]

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    I love pupusas!

  • Hi Rodolfo,
    Why is the boy in your book responsible for finding food for his family?

    Ms. N.

  • Sofia,
    I love your story! I understand how you would have been frustrated by the student who always wanted to copy you. I don’t usually advocate lying, but I must say I like your clever solution! Good job!

    Ms. Navarro

  • Natalia commented on the post, Un sueño 4 months ago

    Hi Evelyn,
    It must be special to use a dress that has been handed down in the family. How did the character in your book feel about having to use her aunt’s dress? My sister used our mother’s wedding dress as her own wedding dress. I thought that was pretty cool. If you were the character in the book, how would you feel?

    -Ms. Navarro

  • Hi Heriberto,
    War is such a powerful topic. I’d like to hear more about how religion is involved in the war that you are reading about.

    Ms. Navarro

  • Natalia commented on the post, !YO! 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Erika,
    Your post reminded me of how people assume things about people that aren’t always true. Does this book and the connections you are making affect how you think about people?

    Ms. Navarro

  • Hi Alberto,
    Your post makes me want to watch the World Cup!

    -Ms. Navarro

  • So far, the central idea in Keeper by Mal Peet reminds me of something I have felt.  One of the characters tells the main character–who is an excellent goalie–the following: “Forwards get very tired when the

  • Hi Rolando,
    What terrible accidents! Is Mack keeping up hope the way the person from the TV show did?

    -Ms. Navarro

  • Natalia commented on the post, El Hombre Cruel 5 months ago

    Hi Claudia,
    The story about the man from the castle sounds very interesting. How is La Cruz Del Diablo similar?

    -Ms. Navarro

  • Dear Jenifer,

    Your book sounds very interesting! I’m very curious about why the neighbors had the baby, instead of the mother. Did the mother give her up for adoption, and later change her mind?

    I look forward to your response!

    Ms. Navarro

  • Dear Veronica,

    Wow! You share strong feelings about love and how men treat women! Can you share an example from your book about a couple who was not allowed to be together? I’m curious!

    I look forward to reading your response :).

    Ms. Navarro

  • Dear Evelyn,
    This sounds like an exciting book! Why does the Garcia family have problems with the police? Does this plot remind you of another text, or something you have heard or seen?

    I look forward to your response!

    Ms. Navarro

  • So far, the character in Keeper by Mal Peet reminds me of something I saw. I don’t play soccer, but I know a lot of people  who do, and a lot of people who love soccer and don’t play it.  When I watch socce

    • I don’t play or watch soccer, but I can imagine it being hard. I think that every sport has its own difficulties. Here is an article that makes a case for every sport being difficult: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/high-school-sports/2013/09/23/whats-the-hardest-high-school-sport-its-complicated/28936167/

    • I don’t play soccer either, but every time I watch soccer I am amazed by the amount of skill it takes to merely participate in the game. I liked how you mentioned the simplicity of soccer but also capitalized on how complex it is. Here is an article about the physical benefits of soccer. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100406093524.htm

    • This is a very interesting piece of writing Natalia. I don’t personally play or watch soccer, but I can definitely see the appeal. I like how you connect this story to the bigger idea of perseverance. I hope to read more of your writing.

    • Natalia, I strongly encourage you to play soccer! I played for 8 years and it was a blast! Though it may not come easily at first, practicing will pay off. I related to when you discussed your amazement with soccer players skills. So many players are so incredibly talented and I love to see the cool tricks they can do. If you are considering playing soccer here is a link to some rules of soccer http://www.rulesofsport.com/sports/football.html . Thanks for your input! -Anna

    • Great job applying what you read to your life and people around you. It is interesting that you don’t play soccer yourself, but notice how it positively impacts others. Is there something like this in your life (art, another sport, music, etc.) that gives you joy and challenges you in a positive way? It would interesting to hear about that! Overall great work!

    • Natalia, I have never had any interest in soccer, so I do not appreciate it fully. The amount of skill, hard work, and effort it takes to play on a competitive team is extraordinary. It is a sport that attracts people of all ages. But I have to agree it is not for everyone.

    • Natalia, the book you are reading sounds compelling! I enjoyed how even though you don’t personally play soccer, you found a way to relate the book to your observations. Soccer does seem boring from the outside but even in my brief experiences I realize just how challenging it is. I am excited to hear about the rest of your book and maybe the text will incorporate some more things you can relate to, even if it isn’t directly about soccer.

    • Natalia,

      This sounds like a gripping book and I like how you stated your point about being able to appreciate the challenge and skill in the sport without personal experience. Being able to appreciate the passions of others without having the experiences of them, is a valuable life skill and is a respectable trait. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hopefully now have a better grasp on why to some, soccer is life!

    • Estimada Natalia:
      Estoy asombrada por tu post sobre ” Mal Peet ” por que a pesar de que no le gusta el futbol parece comprender un poco sobre el.
      La parte que me gusto de tu post fue donde dices que”El gato pasa de ser un terrible jugador , a uno de los mejores jugadores” por que yo creo que si nosotros tenemos algo que deseamos lo podemos lograr con mucho esfuerzo ya sea en lo deportivo , en la educacion o en algo para nuestro futuro.Vo en que algo tenemos en similar por que a mi me gusta jugar futbol , pero no me gusta hablar sobre el o mirarlo en tv por que me parece a burrido .
      Gracias por tu escritura.Espero ver lo que escribas a continuacion , por que quiero saber mas sobre lo que opinas sobre las lecturas que haces y por que me gusta como lo compara con su vida o con lo que pasa sobre su alrededor.

    • I personally don’t have any experience with sports but I understand that in order to play it takes so much time and skill to develop. I know several people who play soccer and are constantly practicing in order to perfect their craft. This is something we can all relate to, similar to school because we are constantly reading and studying to be the best we can be. Here are some articles which explain how doing a sport can actually help you positively in life. https://www.muhealth.org/conditions-treatments/pediatrics/adolescent-medicine/benefits-of-sports

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