• What does it mean to have a bad family relationship? How does such hatred originate? This topic is addressed in the poem “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath. On the surface, Plath’s poem is about the author’s hatred for her

  • You’re picture that you chose really gave me an idea and allowed me to better picture everything you talk about in your poem

  • In the second line of the second stanza, Plath expresses her hatred for her father. She writes, “You died before I had time—.”  Had time for what? This is a turn because in the previous line she says she had to

    • Dear Nate, thank you for your post. I have read this poem and I think it is really interesting for analyzing. I am wondering what’s relationship this girl has with her father and what makes her hate him so much… You said: “She writes, “You died before I had time—.” Had time for what? ” -I am also confused, time for what? Did they started something that’s not done? Maybe before she can really meet his personality? I am looking forward for your next writing, and I hope it will be as good as this one.

    • Dear Nate, thanks for this great post. This poem seems to be very intriguing. Do you think that maybe she had a bad childhood and she probably has been traumatized. When continuing to analyze this poem you should look at some psychoanalytical lenses. They help you to understand how relationships from any point in your life affect you when you get older. This will definitely be crucial when your trying to come up with a strong claim.

    • Dear Nate :
      I am Impressed by your post, “Questions About “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath” because of your insightful questions and comments towards Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy”
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “She writes, “I began to talk like a Jew. I think I may well be a Jew.” Why is she comparing herself to a Jew and what does she mean that she is talking like one? The lines raise questions about what she felt that made her make that comparison and how her father fits into that.” I think this is interesting because she also mentions nazis in the poem and it’s making me wonder if something made her become a jew and if it has anything to do with her father.
      Another sentence that I enjoyed was: “Had time for what? This is a turn because in the previous line she says she had to kill him. Why would she want to kill him but suddenly regrets not having time with her father?. This line raises the question of what happened to her father and what makes her hate him so much.” This stood out for me because I also had the same thought about that stanza.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have very interesting thoughts.

  • I like your interpretation of the poem. I find it very interesting and like how you describe how certain lines of it made you feel.

  • I like the imagery you used and how you incorporated rhyming into your poem.

  • My first impression of this poem was that it was strange that she was comparing herself to a Jew during the holocaust and her father to Hitler. It makes me feel intrigues, yet, at the same time, perplexed.  A

  • Dear George:

    I like your post because I used to play in that exact same place with my friends when I was younger. I like how you talk about what you specifically liked to do there. I like your photos and how you took them from different angles and at different places.

  • I look at the beautiful flowers,People sit, play, or just talk.On a nice day, I just sit and read,Looking at the beautiful walk.Bright small buildings surround,Some brown, some blue or red.In spring people are

  • In this playlist, we took photos of a place we love and posted them on youth voices. One important place I like in my neighborhood is Pomander Walk. It is a beautiful group of houses in a courtyard on the upper

  • I am a 15 year old high school student from New York City. I go to Harvest Collegiate High School in Manhattan. I was born in Manhattan and have lived here all my life.

    In school I like science and math

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    Dear Huiwen:

    I am happy after seeing your photograph because the picture of the boat in the bay is beautiful and looks good.

    One part of your work that stands out for me is the poem. I think this is creative because it is eloquent and well written.

  • One important place I like in my neighborhood is Pomander Walk. It is a beautiful group of houses in a courtyard in the upper west side. I find it relaxing to just sit in the courtyard or to run

    • Dear Nathan:
      I am amazed by how beautiful your pictures are they make me smile. your pictures remind me of when I was little when I first saw snow. I live in Texas so it doesn’t snow here very much, so I really enjoyed seeing it in your photos. Also I like hearing about how much you have with your dog and sitting outside. I hope to read more of your post and maybe see more pictures of things you like.

    • Dear Nathan, i am fascinated by your pictures because i love the angles you took them in. One of the photos that stands out to me is the third one i was so amazed with how the lights looked, its so beautiful. Thanks for your photos i look forward to seeing you post more photos like these.

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    Dear Elijah:

    I am intrigued by your poem, “Shut Up,” because it shows an interesting analysis on the political climate in America today.

    One part of your poem that stands out for me is when you began your poem with trump quotes followed by the words shut up. I think this is interesting because it gives great insight into your political vie…[Read more]

  • I am from games with my family from Chess and Golf with my sister and fatherI am from playing under the bed with my little sister (Quiet, dark, isolated)I am from the cars that honk outside my window every night

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    Conveys a story, One that can’t be saidin another way.Everything you want,all in one small book.Reading the stories.

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