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    Save the Bison

    In the article "Bison On the Rebound" (Upfront) I learned there is a reservation center named the Fort Peck Reservation that is working to save and restore the Bison population. By the 1800s there were fewer than 1,000 bison...

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    Dear Brecklyn, I am moved by your post, “Good in the World” because I feel this message is extremely important. I agree with you that the majority of the things we see these days is a lot of negativity in the world and not enough good.
    One sentence that really stands out to me is where you mention, “Two teachers at an elementary school in Atlanta…Read More

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    Overcoming Obstacles

    In the article, “Athlete with Down Syndrome Completes Ironman Triathlon” (McGraw Hill) I learned that an individual named Chris Nikic who is an athlete with Down Syndrome completed one of the most difficult athletic courses there is. This triathlon...

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  • Dear Penelope, 
      I am fascinated by your post “Do Siblings Have A Closer Bond on How Apart in Age They Are,” because it does explain the reasons on why siblings closer in age would have a tight bond. It helps us as readers understand the concept behind why some siblings might be closer than others. 
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me…Read More

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    Refugee Rescue

    In the article, “AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees’’ (McGraw Hill) I learned that Airbnb, which is an American rental company, is housing thousands of refugees who are fleeing from Afghanistan. The reason they are leaving Afghanistan is because...

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    • I agree that its good that so many people are willing to help these refugees, but I also know that there needs to be a more stable place to go. If the government were able to offer up housing it could go even better.

    • That’s super awesome that a rental company out of America is doing something for others outside of its origin. The refugee crisis most definitely hasn’t just started recently but has really made an unfortunate comeback due to recent events. I’ve seen super unfortunate videos of people passing their babies forward in hopes to save them, I’ve witnessed more than I wanted to, and I’ve wanted nothing more to help these refugees.

    • It makes me happy to see that these people are being helped. To answer your question, I hope that these shelters will continue to take people in for as long as they are needed. This article talks about ways to help the people fleeing Afghanistan and the Taliban rule.

    • This article makes me feel hopeful for our society, seeing that these corporations are being so welcoming to immigrants. I’m not sure how long this will last for, but I think it will probably only last as long as Afghanistan remains in the national headlines and people continue to flee. They can’t provide shelter for these refugees forever. Still, it’s nice to see that these new refugees are being welcomed into our country and finding temporary housing while they find jobs and settle into their new American life. I hope that American society keeps being so welcoming to these immigrants, putting our past of discriminating against people of their race and nationality in order to promote “national security” in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.

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