The technique I have chosen for my stress management is a sport, a way to remove all this negative energy I have. I feel as if I could be greatly stuck with this technique, but I also can not let it stress me

    • I am amazed by what you write about soccer, because I also play football and something that helps me destress a bit from school and get home with the desire to do my homework.

      A phrase that you wrote that stands out for me is “The best time to adapt to this technique in my daily life would be after school, after a stressful school day I can go throw the ball and have fun” because it is true me when I arrive from school and I go to practice. I released all the negative energy and came home wanting to do my homework, a bit tired but not stressed.

      Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write next, because it was interesting to see what you think about soccer.

  • The stressors that impact my day to day life are mostly situations in school, well at least for me. I tend to leave a whole lot of things for last minute which is not the best choice because when I have too much

  • Love: The definition “to fall in love” was first used in the early 15c. The term “to be in love” was evolved in 1500 c. Although this word has existed for many years it appears to seem that the definition has alt

  • The two videos I watched were presented by, Chris Anderson and Hussain Shafei. Anderson gave key points like, keeping a man topic throughout the presentation as well as having entertaining ways to present.

  • Throughout this creative process, I have learned that patience is key for anything related to Shakespeare. As well as, play-doh is not as easy at it looks, but I can relate it to Shakespeare because I don’t

  • I chose Act 3, Scene 3 lines 223-233.

    I am playing the role of Emilia, wife of Iago, Desdemona’s best friend.

    I learned that you need to have a whole lot of patience, to understand the impact of the story and t

  • Shakespeare is still studied today in schools because it gives students a wider range of understatement of the world. In the video “Why Study Shakespeare Today?” Kim F. Hall explains with emotion how Sha

  • To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.

    Dear Abrahan,

    I just found out you l

  • Dear Alexander,
    The topic you chose to write about is a very powerful subject. I agree with you, on the other hand, drug use is not just in Oakland but i like how you just decided to write about a place you know best. I’d like to know more, as to “why”… why should kids feel influenced? It would be interesting to keep talking to your coach, try…[Read more]

  • Dear Hector,
    I find your topic very intriguing, I appreciate you for choosing this topic. I believe you are in the 9th grade and ima say this is the age many kids began to try something new. You are taking a powerful stand to educate those around you! It’s better to know the consequences first, and know of the possibilities that can occur. One…[Read more]

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