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    Dear Kayla: I am fascinated by your essay, “Desiring God,” because I am also curious about how plant earth came to be. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is:” I was always so curious as to how did god start the planet earth.” because I’ve asked myself the same question before. I know of Stephan Hawkins but I never knew of the law that…[Read more]

  • My burning question: Is there more than one god? I believe in one creator (I was raised Catholic), however, I know other people who believe in different gods. What I already know is from how I was raised through

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    Hi Rayce,
    I liked your bio post because I also sort of hate school too. Living in a safe place is important and I feel like Austin is safer than a lot of other places, or at least safer than where I used to live in Brownsville.

    I was surprised that you ride BMX. I think it looks really crazy, but its cool that you’re very passionate about it.…[Read more]

  • Natalie is my name and I am a high school student in Austin, TX. Something you should know about me is that family is everything. I live with my mom and my big brother, who I believe is really smart. Three years

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      Hi Natalie, we go to the same school. I think your paragraph about yourself is unique. I notice that you posted your natal chart. your sun is in Leo and your moon is in Sagittarius and your mercury in is in Virgo. Which Virgo is my sun sign. I was wondering are you interest in astrology as I am.and you sound like a strong person to have moved from place that made you whole.

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