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    Dear Jocelyn,

    Your post made me realize how pregnant women’s rights are affected due to the laws. The post made me think that these women should have the right to think for themselves and no one should get in between their life decisions. Law should be paying way more attention to human organizations, foster care, or people in need rather than…Read More

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    Rape Victims vs. Abortion

    In the article, “Texas Abortion Law Harms Survivors of Rape and Incest, Activists Say” (KUT 2021) I learned that about 3 million women in the United States end up pregnant from their rapists. This is sick and cruel that...

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    • DEAR NARALEE, Your post made me think about how cruel it is to make these people live through this horrible trauma. I think there should be exceptions for when abortion is available as in this case, it wasn’t their choice to get pregnant. Something I wonder is if rape victims would receive hate for getting exceptions for when they can receive abortions from those who had sex and no longer want the child.

    • Dear Naralee,
      Your post made me think about all the women that get pregnant due to rape. It also made me think about how they feel. Something I wonder is why in some places they are forced to keep a baby and not abort.

      Sincerely, Michell

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    Different Reasons for Abortion

    In the article, "The Reasons for Abortion" (Nichols 2022) I learned many people have their personal reasons as to why they go through an abortion, whether they're reasonable or not. Mothers go through financial, physical, and emotional problems when...

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    History of Roe v. Wade

    In the article, “TIMELINE: Roe v. Wade Abortion Law from 1973-2022” I learned as time passes (different generations) the opinion changes on abortion. During the time it was starting (1970’s), they went in favor of Roe and agreed that...

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    • Dear, Naralee Your post made me think why 15 weeks? Abortions should be done with in the first 10 because many find out they are pregnant weeks into pregnancy. As you continue to research I hope you discover more personal experiences with abortions or people who almost had an abortion.

    • Dear Naralee,

      Your post made me think about how people think differently now about abortion. I noticed that we think the same way about abortion overall, we both believe that abortion shouldn’t be okay if the baby is already developing. As you continue to research I hope you learn more about personal situations having to due with abortion.


  • Dear Jaden,

    I am touched by your poem, “Aren’t We All The Same,” because the way the poem is being portrayed is what this person is thinking. The questions show how people of color question themselves on a regular basis. If we are all the same just different appearances and cultural backgrounds then no one should live in curiosity for when…Read More

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Rape Victims vs. Abortion

Different Reasons for Abortion

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