• Dear Leslie,

    I am happy about your “violence affecting youth in oakland” because it is a very happy and exciting blog to read. one sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is “Violence is not only affecting our communities, it’s affecting youth who live in Oakland” because does affect both and both are being hurt by this so I think that we s…[Read more]

  • I am happy about your blog. It is really nice and it provides a lot of information. One sentence that stands out to me is ” The police hired people to help reduce the violence in Oakland” because they are assigned to reduce the crime and that is there job but, they are not doing it really well. The can not hired people but if the people help…[Read more]

  • My views of Oakland


    Did you know that Oakland has a heart around it? This means it is loved by it’s residents, but people outside of Oakland do not always see that. For  example, some people might

  • My Romeo & Juliet Recreation: Gangs cause violence but can we make a change : Spoken Word / poem

    Is it too late too change? That’s the question that keep running through my brain

    Two gangs do you think this a

  • Your article was really good I had some disagreements and agreements. One disagreement I had was why would the VP say he wants them to stand if its disrespectful. I also think that if the president says it’s illegal to protest they should not do it but they shouldn’t hold there mouths shut either but if they do they might jeopardise there carrier.…[Read more]

  • Shadow Box Statement

    By Nakiah Landerth

    The objects in my box represent my counter narrative. When people see me, they think of me as a tiny, young, and weak female. Some stereotypes that I hear a lot are that

  • Dear sala Apodaca,
    I am so glad that you chose to talk about this topic. This is going to get a lot of views because all teenage people go threw it. In my opinion, I think that I will be able really think deeply about this topic because there is a lot of good things. one quote that stood out to me was “Growing up in America as a teen has taught…[Read more]

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