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    In the 15th ward, there is trash scattered along the streets, people who either cannot find a trash can or do not wait until they get home to throw their trash out leave it on the streets. It makes them look messy and ugly. It is bad for the environment and it clogs the sewers when it rains. We want to make it so that the streets are cleaned…

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    My name is Nazaret, I go to BOTY and I can relate to this so much. I am very shy during class and I hate being put on the spot by teachers. Usually I do know what to say and what my thoughts are, but the nerves just get to me and I can’t fully express myself. I prefer to be observant on what my peers say and listen to their thoughts and o…[Read more]

  • Dear Jessica, my name is Nazaret and I really like what you wrote, littering is something that should be talked about more often on how it can negatively affects our surroundings and most importantly our planet. i like that you brought more light into this issue and how we need to emphasize that littering is not good and people need to stop being lazy.

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