• Copied below is a letter I wrote to Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York recently when they were considering Raise the Age legislation.

    My name is Makaiya Wilson, and I am from Brooklyn, New York. The issue I am

    • I did not about the Kalief Browder story, but I agree that it is one of the many examples of injustice with the justice system and the prison system. I recently wrote about the effects of prison, and I think that my research explains the mental health issues he developed following his jail time. This link might help you find out about what issues inmates develop https://aspe.hhs.gov/basic-report/psychological-impact-incarceration-implications-post-prison-adjustment

    • This is very well written and inspiring. I agree that something needs to be done about this issue- teens are too young to face some of the charges that adults do. I do think that teens are old enough to face consequences of their actions, but for this to be true, we need a fair and just system- not one that judges on account of race. We should be focusing on how we can help people, not just punish them.

    • This is very well written. I agree with you that we should raise the age.

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