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    This whole project is a photography collection from one of my days during the spring time, and it has 3 slideshows, first one is the view fro

  • No matter what people say, you will always learn from your mistakes. Your mistakes make your own pathway in order to succeed. Just keep trying until you get on track again.

  • I personally use music to calm me down, however I like to have a rubber band around my wrist and play with it whenever I feel stressed. It works out really well.

  • Those type of aggression are the worst, where you can not feel welcome because you can tell that people will attack you still.
    I am not from the U.S., and sometimes I totally feel this aggression situation, not fun at all.

  • This text really impacts me. Animal cruelty is still a huge problem in the whole world. I’ve noticed you really care about this issue. That you are an animal lover like I am. And I agree that we also need to put more info about this situation out in the news and change things, because after all, they have feelings as we do.
    Also the adoption…[Read more]

  • Once upon a time, in Hollywood, during its peak of streaming the number one hits, there was Beyonce. Beyonce was a strong and powerful woman, with vocals that no human being was capable of achieve. She was 36

    • MARCUS I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORY! Its hilarious and I laughed out loud multiple times while reading it. I can tell you put in a lot of thought while writing this story because of all the song and appearance references (Sia and the mushroom). The beginning caught my eye because I love Beyonce, and then the story just kept getting even better.


  • Hey Branden, so my motivation to be here is my family and friends from Brazil. They always support me, they always stand by me , and they act like what friends and family are supposed to act… If I did not had them in my life, I’d probably be dead by now.
    What are your motivations?

  • Hello Ariana,

    I can totally relate myself with the stress that college tuition can be, specially for us, seniors.
    This is a major issue and a stress cause for us, and that can affect our studies or even our majors…
    I am glad that we have some people working on it, in order to even reduce or cut it off.








    • Hey Branden, so my motivation to be here is my family and friends from Brazil. They always support me, they always stand by me , and they act like what friends and family are supposed to act… If I did not had them in my life, I’d probably be dead by now.
      What are your motivations?

    • Hi! Awesome poem. It was really deep and I could feel the emotion you put into it when you wrote it. I think a lot of people can relate to it in numerous ways. Great job.

    • Hey Marcus!

      Wow- bravo on your poem, it evoked so many strong emotions, and even more when you wrote that this is a true story about you. I just want to say that what your doing must be so difficult and that moving countries away from your family and friends is so courageous, great job, I’m cheering you on!

    • Dear Marcus,
      OH BOY do I know that feeling, just that roller coaster of emotions, longing to be surrounded by the people who truly care. I just want to say, keep smiling, don’t let anyone make you feel belittled, and keep looking, you’ll eventually find people who truly care. Although, I still have yet to find that group, but I have a few individuals who actually care. I speak from personal experience, the transition is probably one of the most difficult times, especially at such a difficult time, as if high school isn’t already a big enough transition. Keep fighting, work hard, and make the best with your time, because as I always tell myself. Only four more years.

    • Hello Marcus,

      I Find your post really interesting because this happened to you. I feel very sorry for you and hope you will be able to find people who like you. Your message feels very powerful and very personal to you. It really hits the reader in the gut.

      All the best


    • Marcus, this hit really close to home. High school is a tough place to fit in and if you don’t make friends it can make you feel like you’re unworthy to be there. This poem really shows the reader the depth of emotion behind the writer and makes the reader feel something relatable, which is something I really enjoy in poems.

    • Marcus I think that your poem is very inspiring because I am going to a new school and I thought that this would happen to me but we don know. I just think that this was a great idea to write because you are talking about how it was and how u felt. Hope it goes great for u! PS I am not in high school I don know how u feel but because my school goes kindergarten to 8th grade so I think this is great. Try your best to find friends. Smile More!

    • Hey Marcus, this was a very emotional poem and I can relate with you. It’s really hard to make friends when you move into a new city, or a new country. I hope that you’re doing well and that you make new friends.

  • Marcus commented on the post, Hugs 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hello Matthew,

    This poem is so adorable OMG. Plus, hugs are really essential for all humans, because it gives us a feeling of safety and warmth that no other affection gesture can do!
    Love it.

  • Hello Mackenzie,
    What a marvelous and very figurative poem! Love it, very nice and cute, specially the last part of it 🙂

  • Hello Cy,

    Let’s be honest, all the conflicts within our society has its downs and ups. Marijuana yes, should be legal for a million factors, help the researchers understand why it does what it does, how it can be used for future medicine, also believe or not, it would decrease the crimes and the dealing around, once everyone would have public…[Read more]

  • Marcus commented on the post, A Reason Why 3 years, 3 months ago

    L-O-V-E it. Totally relates to my situation about going home for the summer and finally be who I really am and not faking it in the currently place where I live just because I know that cultural contrast would effect it that much.

  • Hello Juray,

    Routine sucks in my opinion. I think we, as young adults or whatever we may be, we deserve to break this routine in order to create memorable moments in our lives. I can not stay doing the same thing over and over and over, I love innovations and surprises throughout my day. By the way, I wake up at 6, take a shower, then I nap until…[Read more]

  • Heeeeeey Tala,

    This one is my favorite poem from you haha! I think we are all in the same situation with our parents, because hey, college is right across the road for us , seniors, and we all know how painful and difficult for our parents is to let their kid go out and explore the world.

    WIsh you the best.

    xoxo 😀

  • The sun has risen up,

    Oh no is morning! I wish I could be asleep,

    I’d rather be counting sheep.

    Let’s give a huge ‘do not wake me up’ a thumbs up.

    Oh no is almost time for school

    But hey if you are

    • Hey Marcus!

      Your poem is so great, I love it! It made me laugh, think, and also relate, with the narrator. I could see the care you took in rhyming the lines and making the ideas flow.


    • Marcus,

      This poem is great! I love the rhyme scheme and the flow of the whole thing. It had a very bouncy rhythm that I enjoy. I can also relate very heavily to that struggle. I never ever want to get up but the anxiety of failing always gets to me!

      Great work,


    • Hi Marcus,

      Awesome poem! Being a high school student I found it very relatable.

    • this give me life and make me think about life

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  • Greetings Isa,

    I strongly agree that yes, animals can and will always express emotions. After all they all have a heart and a psychological part just like we do, the only different is that , we can communicate among us and we are only able to understand ourselves. Who knows if in the future we will be able to read the animals’ emotions…[Read more]

  • Greetings Maila,

    I strongly agree that what has happened back in our childhood affects our confidence levels as other relevant things. Plus I agree that I have the need to look good to feel good, since I care about how I will appear to the others.
    Also confidence made me have my two tattoos, and I eventually will get 3 more and maybe a nose…[Read more]

  • Chloe,

    Good job on your research ! I strongly can see that very soon, our techs will be connect within us in order to help spread awareness. Is a big jump for the usage of technology! And since a big chunk of the population is connected 24/7 on their techs, it would be helpful and very very fast!

    Thank you for bringing that topic, very…[Read more]

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