I think before Rego Park was not good in transportation and there is not much shops and stores. The traffic is really bad and the traffic light is not good too. There is no bicycle lane too. So many

  • hi Oswlod. By reading this,I hope the Binghamton University is really good. I’m gonna check it later.For me,i want to go to the college that located in Boston.gook luck and i hope you can definitely go to think college.

  • Today,i got three badges .And tomorrow i will get the sertificate.And it is fun working on this program.

  • Today,I posted second playlist and I commented on other playlist.And i think i will get a badge.And i am thinking about what to write next playlist.

  • Dear Evelyn :
    I am so excited with your post, “your beautiful neighbourhood” because i never went there before.I never go to park even in my neighborhood.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I have a nice look with the plants, trees” I think this is good because some park from New York has no trees so people can’t get fresh air…[Read more]

  • One thing i am most proud of accomplishing this week is i completed two play list.next week i would like to finish another one more play list.

  • My name is Muyar Khant Naing. I live in Rego Park. Rego Park is inQueens. There is train stations and bus stops. So it is not difficult in transporting. There is Macys, Queens Center, Marshalls and Century 21.This

  • I’m working on ‘my beautiful neighborhood’ because i want them to know about Rego Park.And there is so much interesting to do.I’m also interested in writing about my neighborhood.

  • Hi Madjiguene sarr.My name is Muayar.How did u get the experience of injustice?

  • My name is Muyar Khant Naing.I’m from Myanmar(Burma). Now I live in New York. My family won the lottery. We immigrated to New York last year. It’s takes 24 hours to reach New York with a plane from my country. I’m

    • Dear Muyar,

      I enjoyed reading your story, thank you for sharing it.

      I felt so excited to read that your family won the immigration lottery to come to the US. That is pretty cool!

      I appreciate what you said about how difficult it is to have family time in a busy place like New York City. I think many families are trying to figure out how to find even a small amount of time to spend together. Perhaps you can come up with some ideas of how to help your family find time to spend together.

      I am definitely looking forward to reading more of your posts on Youth Voices.



    • Hi Muyar

      Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s great that you think there is justice for everyone in New York. Sometimes when other people from other countries come to America, they find that it is better than where they came from but in actuality, there are many injustices in New York. Many people suffer injustices everyday, some have even died of injustice actions and/or policies. If you are aware of injustice you can always strive for change.

      Because you know of injustices in Burma, I hope that you will stand up for justice everywhere and always. Good luck in your new school and continue to work hard towards your goals.


  • Writing is the essential thing on the school activity. We can improve many thing from writing. IF you are from foreign country and learning english, you should practice writing as much as you can. This can also help you to improve in reading and speaking. This program help me a lot, i think. We are writing in computer(google doc).So you can also…[Read more]

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