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    Your lead hooked me in right away. It makes me want to read on in order to understand what you mean by “wasn’t as joyful.” It was interesting to learn things about you that I never knew, and I’m excited to learn more! I feel that I could hear your voice as I read your bio, not just while listening to the audio.

  • I love that it isn’t just a typical bio. I can really hear your voice through your writing. I was able to learn more about you, while also staying engaged and interested. I like that you didn’t just list off facts, and the facts you told me were interesting and different. Your lead was also very intriguing, it caught my attention and persuaded me…[Read more]

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    Tesnim Smith. Just by looking at my name you can tell I come from two very different backgrounds. I am half Palestinian, and part Swedish, Scottish, and Slovenian. I was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, living in

    • I loved this article and reading about your history!

    • I liked the way that this is written. You have a very intriguing intro. Not only is the writing style nice to read but also the content itself is chalk full of awesome stuff about you. Reading about your whole history and heritage in your family is thrilling. I also loved when you talked about how you love art and theatre. It shows how complex one person can be by combining all aspects of their life into one bio.

    • My favorite subject in school is also Art, and also agree that Okemos is a good mix between city and rural.

    • I enjoyed listening to your bio, and I found your story interesting. I am able to relate to you surely by the fact we both have come to Okemos from another town. I particularly enjoyed your last paragraph, despite not being a female, I am compelled to hear to what you have to say about gender-relations.

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