• For leading a healthy lifestyle, it simply comes down to diet and exercise, the most effective method is where things get controversial. Anyone with common sense would most likely tell you that in order to get the

    • Dear Writer,
      I agree that to stay healthy you should exercise and eat healthy. If you Exercise and Eat junk food then you wouldn’t be getting healthier. So I think you were right that to eat healthy without exercising would make you lose weight and if you exercise then you would probably be more healthier. I sometimes try to eat healthy and I try to not eat too much junk food. I also agree that eating healthier is better than eating other junk food because if you eat a candy it would be as much as eating a lot of healthier fruits and vegetables that gets you more full. So I think eating Healthy and Exercising would help you get healthier rather than doing only one.

    • i like how you put examples to surport your claim which is don’t just be on a deit of just exersize.

    • Hi,
      I agree that for our health we should combine eating healthy and exercising regularly. In my opinion they can not stand by theirselves and eating less doesn’t mean it is healthy. I think examples were really good to support the idea.

  • Diet or exercise? This is a question explored by many in order to lead a healthier lifestyle, but which of the two is the most important? In an article that I read by Eugenia Killoran called Diet Vs Exercise:

    • Ramazan, I think this is an interesting article. Obesity and being overweight is a huge problem within the United States so the question does come up diet or exercise. I like how you gave a solid example of why exercise alone is not sufficient, but what about whether diet alone is sufficient? I feel like exploring more into this topic and taking a look at both sides rather than just one would give you a stronger essay. Overall, it was good and I enjoyed it:)

    • Ramazan,
      According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, consistent exercise and proper nutrition can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as lower risks for certain forms of cancer. In order to live a healthy lifestyle you need to have a nutritious diet and exercise. It shouldn’t be “nutrition or exercise” but instead it should be “nutrition and exercise”. Hence that why you hear the phrase a”balanced lifestyle”. There needs to be a balance between your diet and your exercise in order for your body to function optimally.

  • There are many questions that are asked now a days concerning many different subjects, but the one that seems to come up a lot is whether or not the minimum wage be increased. Many would agree with it being

  • Dear President,

    I write to you today to discuss an issue that many speak blindly about. Of course, there are many issues that this happens with, but the one I am talking about is the issue of gun control. Anytime

    • Ramazan,
      As a supporter of gun control, I think you have a misconception between controlling and banning guns since you are using both ideas and terms interchangeably. I am a full supporter of the second amendment, but it is only common sense we shouldn’t be handing harmful people harmful weapons. There needs to be some logical control.

      According to the Huffington Post, “We resist new gun laws because we collectively believe existing gun laws already lean hard on the 2nd Amendment and we are wary of trampling our constitutional rights. Only, most of those laws don’t exist.” These are the so called “laws” that actually do no exist:
      * background checks are currently required to buy a gun at a gun show or in a private transaction. (this is only true in a handful of states)
      *a gun cannot be sold to someone on a terrorist watch list or a no fly list (they can)
      * law enforcement is notified when large numbers of guns are purchased in a short time (law enforcement, whether it is municipal, county, state or federal are in fact not notified)
      * you cannot buy guns or ammunition over the internet (you can)

      These so called “laws” are only common sense, and should be enforced in every state but sadly they are not.

    • I have always agreed to the comparison of drugs being illegal but people still find a way to them and if guns were illegal it would be the same. If someone needed a gun to hurt someone they wouldn’t let the law stop them, they would find a loophole. Whether it was restricting guns or completely banning them, not much would be done for violence. People who were addicted to crime or who wanted to hurt others would find other weapons to take lives and then the circle would repeat itself.

    • I agree with you, more gun control doesn’t really mean less violence. The guns are not shooting themselves.

    • Hi Ramazan,

      I’m afraid I have to agree with Katie. Although there will be violence in America no matter what, a more efficient means of selling guns would make our country safer. Suspected terrorists and ex-convicts should not be able to purchase weapons that are meant to kill other living beings. Also, semi-automatic weapons are not used for hunting animals–they’re used for hunting humans. Therefore, they should not be sold in America at all. Tragedies like Sandy Hook are caused by people owning these guns, and they can retrieve them fairly easily. This is why gun control is a good idea.

  • If guns are restricted to the point where the average person can’t get them what’s gonna stop criminals from obtaining them? I mean drugs are illegal, but people still find ways to manufacture, sell, and buy them.

  • A person gets shot… “we need more gun control.” A tragedy happens where someone is killed “more gun control.” You get the point! Whenever something bad happens everyone is quick to blame the guns as they are to

    • Hi Ramazan, I agree that at this point it will be almost virtually impossible to keep people from getting their hands on guns, however, Americans often forget what the second amendment was originally created for. The full second amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Guns were made legal in case of the need for a militia. I don’t think it should be legal, nor do I think it is necessary for the everyday citizen to own a gun. That’s just my opinion on the issue.

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    Personally I think that the gun control laws that we have work perfectly. Tragedies will happen regardless of what laws are put in action to prevent guns from being sold. For example drugs are illegal, but people still find ways of manufacturing, selling, and buying them so why won’t they be able to do the same with guns? There’s no point in…[Read more]

  • While there are over a million words in the english language I would have to say that my favorite most influential word of all is Success. Why success you ask? Well my reasoning isn’t exactly the best but s

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