• MuradJudge
One Piece View Comment
  • @MuradJudge
  • December 14, 2021

Hi Arual. I am thankful for your comment. I recommend you to read manga because it's much more interesting, when you first start reading manga it will look boring, but after some time you will start enjoying it. Yeah, we can talk about it, I want to know your...

Zoos do more harm than good View Comment
  • @MuradJudge
  • December 13, 2021

Hello Ava! I impressed by your post. I liked how you said "Zoos do more harm than good", because Zoos are good only for people not animals, because they have to live in 100 times smaller environment than in their natural habitats . Thank you for your post!

The Biggest Change of My Life View Comment
  • @MuradJudge
  • December 13, 2021

Dear Kerly, I really enjoyed your poem. I can relate to it because I came from another country to America. In my first day of school I saw people using computers in school and it was something new from me. I want to say thank you for bringing those...

Hello Kate! Your post is very interesting because it talk about our future and how Earth will look like in 100 years. I think important thing to mention is that we can't change what happened and it will be hard to prevent global warming because we can't change something...

Are Uniforms Needed? View Comment
  • @MuradJudge
  • November 16, 2021

Hello Deng. I think topic about uniforms is important and not talked enough. School tells us that uniform will help us to focus in study more and not be distracted, but at the same time we get suspension or mark for not tucking our shirts in, or wearing hoodies...

Hi Neve. Your post helped to learn something new. Sometimes I experience a lot of different feeling in my dreams, and it felt like I am experiencing it in real life.

Hello Sophia. I am completely agree with you because school will have too much power over and we will not have our privacy. Our privacy should be ours not others. This is great post. Thank you for brining up this topic!

Hi Adalia, I liked when you talked about recovery from betrayal, because it happens a lot nowadays and people can end up harming themselves or others. Betrayal always hurts emotionally and physically and a lot of people went through that, including me. Thank you for writing about such an...

Heroic and Honorable Characters View Comment
  • @MuradJudge
  • September 29, 2021

Hello Kristin, I like when you talked about Itachi Uchiha from Naruto how he was misunderstood by people and his brother. I think a lot of villain's in animes, TV-shows, movies being misunderstood because they are ready to go against world for one person or they did mistakes and...

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