• The majority of people think that college athletes should be getting paid to play sports in college. Yes, some student athletes are going to play professional and will be getting paid millions of dollars just for

    • Mack this was a very interesting piece of writing. It always used to wonder why athletes would bother playing for a team, when they’re not getting paid and when they were not guaranteed to play at the next level. I strongly thought they should be paid until I realized that they are offered scholarships and are still required to take classes and pass school. So you’re right I agree that they should not be paid until they get to the professional level. I’d love to hear more about this!

  • Mack commented on the post, Oakland violence 1 year, 3 months ago

    Brian, thanks for sharing. I think as a whole in the U.S. we need to get rid of gun violence as quick as possible to make our country a better place.

  • Do you think that celebrities should make their social media accounts private? Why? Or why not?

  • Summary Week 3: I chose this article because it relates to the topic that I am talking about which is NCAA athletes. This article was about NCAA athletes being able to transfer schools and still being eligible.

    • Thank you Mack for this information. It is interesting to see how many rules and regulations are made to just simply play a collegiate sport.

  • Fatumata, this was great that you did an analysis on To Kill A Mockingbird, you really described the characters really well. You described their traits well enough so that audience can have a feel about the characters before reading the book.

  • Jullissa, this was super creative! It was also super interesting! This has made me get to know you more so thanks for sharing your story

  • Natalie, this is super cool. Thanks for sharing about your personal life. What kind of business are you interested in starting?

  • Hailey, I am writing about this topic as well but my topic is slightly different. This is very interesting and understanding. Being an athlete myself, I can relate to this a lot and have a good understanding of competition when it comes to sports. Keep writing!

  • Mack Tarver Jr.

    In my topic, I chose to debate about if college should get paid or not. College athletes should be getting paid due to the fact that being a student athlete is like having a full time job.

  • Mack Tarver Jr.

    Ideas: NCAA athletes being paid, NCAA rules, NCAA Sports

    In our National Collegiate Athletic Association, there are many sports that are being played. Some athletes in college are trying to

  • Mack Tarver Jr.

    Ideas: NCAA athletes being paid, NCAA rules, NCAA Sports

    In our National Collegiate Athletic Association, there is many sports that are being played. Some athletes in college are trying to

  • Brittney,
    Your claim is very strong and you had factual evidence to make your claim even stronger. Although, I would provide more evidence that is more broad like what accomplishments did she reach and what goals did she want besides having equal rights for men and women. I feel that this link…[Read more]

  • Kevin,
    I agree that Cyberbullying should be limited and I feel that the parents of the kid that are getting cyber bullied should address the issue to the school. If they address the problems to the school, then school can be involved and they would be able to sit down and help the situation. I feel that the administration has a big part in this…[Read more]

  • The problem that we have in our world today is poverty. People are living in poverty everywhere we go today. As community I feel like we should find a way to stop this. This is a big problem in today’s society,

    • Dear, Mack

      I strongly agree with all your viewpoints and have a similar motive. Remind the world of the poverty in America, New York and most importantly the world. Many societies are in a tough battle through poverty. I also agree with your thoughts on children poverty. For a child to be successful a strong base is highly recommended. Many people are by our side to increase the economy of the world and just make the world a better place. Helping others is a great way to limit poverty all around. My group and I also have a blog to propose information and methods to limit poverty. If you want to check out our blog, https://wordpress.com/view/povertynyc702223502.wordpress.com. We would love a collaboration, thank you.

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    Angela, I really liked reading your poem. This really make me imagine how you look and the lifestyle that you live in. This was an easy read and very catchy with the ” I am’. Keep writing and good luck to you in the future!

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    Beatrice, don’t let this get to you. It is hard for her understand right ow but at the end of the day she still loves you. Just remember to be happy and to be who you are and that you are accepted. Be confident and don’t let others tell you something that you know that you arent.

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    Hi Noemi! I agree with the negative mind thinking and I feel that If you think positive then positive things will happen. Confidence is a big key with positivity as well as negativity. If you have confidence then you will most likely succeed. Also, surround you with people that are wishing the best for you.

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    I liked the way that you outlined this. Where are you from? Also, I understood what you were talking about and it was very interesting. You are a good writer. I know that you only go to school fro your mother, but I would reccommend you to go to school for yourself because there are many opportunities that will help you succeed in life.

  • While finding Pros and Cons about school uniforms, I have learned that school uniforms may decrease the rate of bullying. Also, school uniforms may help those that can’t afford school uniforms. I have found some p

    • I think you make some really good points, but personally I don’t care about uniforms anymore. I’ve just gotten used to them at this point. But the advantages of them aren’t just to help everyone look the same or help stop bullying, but it’s nice to have them. Instead of sitting in front of your closest picking out an outfit for 10-20 minutes every morning you can just put on your uniform and only worry about your hair. Its more about the simplicity rather than all the other stuff.

  • Andre, just keep your head straight and focus on what you want to be in life. You can be whoever you want, you just have to work for it. Keep your head high and avoid all the people that are trying to bring you down.

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