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  • Brendaly,
    I listened to a bit of the audio book for this that Trevor Noah read himself. A lot of what he says makes people think a lot, just like you were saying. He goes into detail about the naming behind the book because he was “born a crime.” In that time in Apartheid, it was illegal for there to be interracial relationships. It’s hard for me…Read More

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    I really like this question Tara. The definition of art to me is quite complex. I feel like art has to have meaning behind it or require a certain level of skill. I consider myself an artist because I do ceramics. Although not all of my pieces have meaning behind them, just creating them in the first place takes skill. It is hard to learn and even…Read More

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    Unsustainable Bee Population Decrease

    Wild honeybee populations have been declining in recent years. One cause that was seriously underestimated is urbanization. A study at the University of Michigan shows that the reason this is such a big factor is that it alters the...

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  • Gerardo,
    I think that this is a very valid thing to question. I do no think that we should be able to make life changing decisions at such a young age. I think driving is ok at 16, since you tend to take on more responsibilities as you get older. However, I don’t think voting, drinking, and legal adulthood should be granted until 24. Now I know…Read More

  • Lisa,
    This is a very interesting topic. I am one of the many who are fascinated with true crime and serial killers, especially Ted Bundy. I understand your point about how these movies wrongfully glorifies and idolize serial killers. However, I think they are just showing a different perspective, one from the killers point of view, to people in…Read More

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Unsustainable Bee Population Decrease

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